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Our data begins with Michael Cox, Sr. who was most likely born before 1740 in Hamburg Germany, and who certainly died 1815, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. His wife was Elizabeth Desloch - however we are not certain about her maiden name.

Twelve Cox generations are documented.
A decade of research has resulted
in the accumulated data
on many allied lines, including:

Bobier, Delaplaine, Ellis,
Harper, Hanks, Hull, Hupp,
Lincoln, Oye, Vaught,
and many more!

Cox family genealogy

The printed version of book contains over 400 pages. It is now out of print, thus, the reason for this web-site. This, and the printed book, are fully indexed with over 2,000 entries on people, places, and subjects. You will find over 100 photos, dozens of homemade maps, and numerous genealogical charts.

As the book was quite a success, all copies rapidly sold out. This website contains updated information and corrections to several errors within the book in print. We are aware that other errors exist still [go to the Contact page to send us corrections or suggestions]. Should you be interested in the hard copy, we have contributed several copies to libraries around the USA. For a list of these librairies click here.


The Coxes head westward to Oklahoma and beyond.

The above map shows our ancentors' movements
across the American continent:
from Michael's arrival in the 1700s in Pennsylvania
and up our modern-day generations.

Finally resolved is the ancestry of William Newton Cox born circa 1845 in Sugar Creek Township, Wayne, County, Ohio. His and his wife's deaths are still shrouded in mystery. They disappeared in Oklahoma Territory sometime after the year 1895, leaving three (or perhaps four) children behind them.

You can chose to flip through portions of interest to you in your research, or print out the entire online book. You will find not only data but stories of abandoned children, desperadoes, watermelon kings, heroes, pioneers, patriots, rebels, ramblers, peddlers, musicians, educators, farmers... who experienced heartaches and thrills!

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