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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 2: Chapter 6

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Joseph's Letter
Announcing his Father's Death

by Kenny Ray Cox

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Emily and John Cox of West Liberty, West Virginia have the original of this touching letter to Michael Cox, Jr., from his brother Joseph telling of the death of their father, dated four days after Michael Seniorís death.

It looks unlikely that Joseph expected Michael Jr. and Jeruthea to make it back to Fayette County in time for the funeral. The letter contains no legible reference to the burial, only a consoling reference to religiously inspired last words, "Lord, do take me, I am willing to go!" Notice also that Joseph evokes Michael Sr.'s patriotism, undoubtedly intended as words of pride and comfort.

The long sheet of paper was used as both envelope and letter; it was folded over in lieu of an envelope, and the receiverís address and closing words were written on the outer side. From Fruit Hill home in Fayette County, Pennsylvania to West Liberty, the letter did not have far to travel. Itís about fifty miles. But given the date of the letter, necessary delivery and travel time, Michael Jr. could not have made it back to Fruit Hill until at least ten days after his fatherís death.

As with certain other items from the famous black box, we have endeavored to create a reasonably close facsimile, complete with indications of holes and mold. We have faithfully copied the authorís spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. The script we have chosen is fairly close to the original, but as it is computer generated, it is much easier on the eyes.

Words in brackets are our best guesses in deciphering this faded, and slightly damaged, old letter. Horizontal lines indicate words, or portions of words, that we have not been able to decipher. The letter has a total of four very faded lines that remain impossible to decipher.

January the 28, 1815

Dear brother and sister [nephews] and [nieces], I take this oppertunity to Let you know that we are in a Reasonable State of health at present Except brother Jacob Cox he has had the pluoresy but he is on the mend. I must now inform you that sence I saw [you]__________ [Last] _________ my Dear brother _____ _____ __ _ ________ of trouble

[Dear] old father is no more on this Earth he is gone in the Relms of Patriots I think he has gone happy his cry was Lord do take me I am willing to go.

by request of George Dearth you must come up [soon] and try to _____ ____ [appraise] _____ ___ ____ for sale ________ you _____ [please] ___ [not] to ____im this
from your Resquested friend and brother

Joseph Cox

To Mr. Michal Cox
West Liberty virjinia
County of ohio

N.B. He departed his life the 24 of this month no m______ [more] present but Remember your friend [and] brother J. Cox


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