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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Beyond Fruit Hill

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  1. Michael Cox, Jr. & Jeruthea Ann Brooks Keepers of the Black Box
  2. Finding my Roots, or How it All Started
  3. The Fourteen Children of Jeruthea & Michael Cox Jr.
  4. Record of Deeds of Michael Cox Jr.
  5. Will of Michael Cox, Jr.
  6. Census Records on Michael Cox, Jr.
  7. Black Box or Constable Papers of Michael Cox, Jr.
  8. John & Emily Cox Guardians of the Michael Cox Jr. Farm
  9. Predecessors of Blossom V. Delaplaine Cox
  10. Family History of Emily Lou Dorsch Cox
  11. Family History of William T. Oye
  12. Cox Family Research by William T. Oye
  13. Family History of Dorothy Wilkin Clark
  14. Family History of Shirley Cox Larson
  15. Memories about my Cox Clan
  16. Jacob & Eve Wise Cox
  17. Warren Packer Line of Descent from Michael Cox, Sr.
  18. Susan Meier Line of Descent from Michael Cox, Sr.
  19. Will of Jacob Cox, 1821
  20. Rosanna Cox & Eber Homan
  21. Eve Ann Cox & Jacob Deem
  22. Family History of Mary Ann Deem Bowry
  23. Bowry Family
  24. Martin Cox & Rebecca Hull
  25. Family History of Eileen Schwartz
  26. Family History of Ken Neeley
  27. Christine Cox & Henry Hull
  28. Descendants of Henry and Christinia (Cox) Hull
  29. Anne Cox & John Hupp, Jr.


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