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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 3

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The Fourteen Children
of Jeruthea & Michael Cox Jr.

by Shirley Cox Larson

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This is a place again, where the ground is fertile for research. I’ll outline the questions and perhaps you, the reader, may care to try your hand at finding the answers.


1. If Michael had two wives, who were his children by the first wife? All the current evidence points to Michael III and David as the two children by the first wife, but we do not have the answer for certain. Michael III was born around the date 1786. If Jeruthea’s age and death date on her tombstone are correct, she would have been thirteen when this Michael was born, making it highly unlikely that he is her son. Even by 1790, the birth date we conjecture for David, she still would only be seventeen. By Anne’s birth date, she is eighteen, by 1794, Joseph’s conjectured birth date, she is twenty-one. It seems more likely then, that Anna was her first child.

[Note: William Oye's research on the Coxes states: "Michael and his first wife, Elizabeth, had two sons: David and Michael. He then married Jeruthea Ann Brooks. Jeruthea was born in 1773... Children born in this marriage are: Ann, Joseph, Elizabeth, Samuel, Isaac, William, Mahala, Abraham, Thomas, John, George, and Jande. There were also twins that died in infancy." ]

2. Joseph Cox was killed by a train. How did this happen?

3. Did George also have some affliction? Like Thomas, he died a bachelor. There was that odd thing about his receiving stewardship only of fifty acres of land in Michael’s will.

4. Was Mahalia, or Mahala, Cox buried with her husband John Brown in Modesto?

5. Samuel had two wives, Nancy Rodgers and Rhoda Gray. Nancy Rodgers’ mother was a Hupp. Yet it is Rhoda’s son who was named Milton Hupp Cox. Why?


Perhaps the reader will have questions that need to be answered as well as the ones I have posed. At any rate, it is an interesting mystery with many twists and turns.


Genealogical Data

Michael Cox, Junior
b. 27 Aug 1759
d. Jan 1832, West Liberty, (West) Virginia
m. Jeruthea Ann Brooks
b. circa 1773
d. 28 Oct 1863, West Liberty, (West) Virginia
Both were buried on Cox farm, West Liberty, West Virginia

Their fourteen children:
(for grandchildren scroll down below)

  1. Michael Cox III
    b. circa 1786 Fayette County, Pennsylvania
    d. Nov 1828
    m. Leah Culp Todd (b. 7 Mar 1789)

  2. David Cox
    b. 1790-1800 Fayette County, Pennsylvania

  3. Anne (or Anna) Cox
    b. 7 Jun 1791
    d. 26 Nov 1873
    m. John Hupp Jr. 19 Jan 1813
    b. 27 Jul 1780 Donegal Township, Washington Co., Pennsylvania
    d. 12 Mar 1864

  4. Joseph Cox
    b. 10 Feb 1794 Fayette County, Pennsylvania
    d. 25 Apr 1856; buried Old Beeler Station Cemetery
    m. Rose Ann Rogers
    b. 15 Dec 1800
    d. 5 July 1872

  5. Elizabeth Cox
    b. 25 Dec 1798
    d. Sept 1884
    buried in Beck family burial ground
    m. John Wesley Beck, 14 Feb 1814

  6. Samuel Cox
    b. 22 Jun 1800
    d. 10 Nov 1880
    m. Nancy Rodgers in 1822
    b. 1 Jul 1805
    d. 7 Mar 1846
    m. 2nd time Rhoda Gray in 1849
    b. 20 Feb 1823
    d. 20 Jan 1917

  7. Isaac Cox
    b. 10 Dec 1803, Ohio County, (West) Virginia
    d. 10 Jun 1886
    m. Susan Brown

  8. William Cox
    b. Mar 17 1805
    d. Jan 5 1892
    m. Deliah Clemens

  9. Abraham Cox
    b. 20 Sep 1809
    d. Aug 1889
    m. Elizabeth Ann Foster 13 Apr 1843
    b. (?)
    d. 11 Feb 1863 West Liberty, (West) Virginia

  10. Mahalia Cox
    b. 1800-1810 Ohio County, (West) Virginia. Moved to Modesto, California
    d. (?)
    m. John Brown

  11. Thomas Cox
    b. circa 1812 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
    d. 22 Dec 1867

  12. John Cox
    b. Feb 1813
    d. 17 Apr 1894
    m. Martha Cook 10 Apr 1851
    b. 1830 in Ireland
    d. 1902

  13. Jane Cox
    b. Feb 1819
    d. 21 May 1916
    m. Joseph Hedges
    both buried in Short Creek Cemetery near West Liberty, West Virginia

  14. George Cox
    b. circa 1820
    d. (?)
    buried in Cox family burial ground near West Liberty, West Virginia (no tombstone)


Grandchildren of Michael Cox, Jr. and Jeruthea Ann Brooks
Children of Michael Cox, III and Leah C. Todd
(data contributed by Lecta Olsen and Dean Schwartz)

  1. Susan Esther Cox
    b. 07 Oct 1807 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
    m. Nathaniel Williams

  2. John Cox
    b. 01 Mar 1811 Perry County, Ohio

  3. Samuel Cox
    b. 07 Mar 1812 Perry County, Ohio

  4. Nancy Cox
    b. 06 May 1813 Perry County, Ohio
    d. 23 Apr 1901
    m. Thomas Jefferson Butler Aug 24 1833

  5. Elizabeth Cox
    b. 18 Jul 1814 Perry County, Ohio
    m. Elias Williams 19 Apr 1834

  6. Sarah Ann Cox
    b. 06 Oct 1815 Perry County, Ohio
    m. Peter Reed 18 Sep 1839

  7. Lucinda Cox
    b. 06 Mar 1817 Perry County, Ohio

  8. Mary Cox
    b. 16 Nov 1818 Perry County, Ohio
    m. Elisha Jewell 09 Jul 1839

  9. Rebecca Cox
    b. 04 Mar 1820 Perry County, Ohio
    m. James Sheden 05 Feb 1838

  10. Delilah Cox
    b. 26 Apr 1821
    m. Samuel Lucas

  11. Leah Cox
    b. 05 Dec 1823 Perry County, Ohio
    m. 29 Mar 1840 Uriah Stines Tippie

    Leah Cox Tippie     Uriah Stines Tippie
    Left: Leah Cox Tippie, Right: Uriah Tippie
    Photos graciously provided by Anita Hamer, descendent of this couple

  12. Dorcas Cox
    b. 28 Mar 1824 Perry County, Ohio

  13. Jacob Israel Cox
    b. 26 Dec 1825 Perry County, Ohio

  14. Isariah Cox
    b. 16 Aug 1827 Perry County, Ohio


Children of Joseph Cox and Rose Ann Rogers

  1. Jane Cox
  2. Mary Ann Cox
  3. Elizabeth Cox
  4. John Cox
  5. Samuel Cox
  6. William Cox
  7. Edward Cox
  8. Joseph Cox
  9. Jonathan Cox
  10. Isaac Cox
  11. George Cox
  12. Jacob Cox
  13. Abraham Cox


Children of Anne Cox and John Hupp, Jr.
(per Marie Kingrey’s papers)
(For more information and interesting stories on the Hupps,
*click here*

  1. Isaac Hupp
    b. 5 Jan. 1814
    d. 28 Jan 1853
    m. Mary Ann Atkinson

  2. Louise Hupp
    b. 10 Jun 1815
    d. 30 Nov 1875
    m. John Clemens

  3. John Hupp
    b. 24 Nov 1819
    d. 24 Nov 1909
    m. Caroline Todd

  4. Joseph Hupp
    b. 14 Nov 1817
    d. 30 Apr 1886
    m. Martha Hanen


Children of Elizabeth Cox and John W. Beck

  1. John Calvin Beck
    b. 19 May 1818
    d. 15 Sep 1885

  2. James A. Beck
    b. (?)
    d. 1838

  3. Jerusha Ann Beck
    b. 24 Jan 1821
    d. 25 Mar 1883
    m. Louis Jones Councilman 26 May 1842

  4. William Fletcher Beck
    b. 25 Oct 1825
    d. 20 May 1902
    m. Sara Ann Councilman 17 Oct 1850


Children of Isaac Cox and Susan Brown
(per John and Emily Cox)

  1. Charity Ann Cox
    b. 11 Mar 1827
    d. 25 Jan 1889
    m. Andrew Myers
    both buried Campbell Cemetery Bethany, West Virginia

  2. John Hupp Cox, M.D.
    b. 14 May 1831
    d. 08 Jul 1909
    m. 1st Barbara Waite
    m. 2nd Evelyn D. A. Nesbitt


The ten Children of Abraham Cox and Elizabeth Foster
(Data furnished by John and Emily Cox.)

  1. Ann Cox
    b. 13 Feb 1844 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
    d. 24 Apr 1878
    m. Joseph White (or Waitte)

  2. Archibald Cox
    b. 21 Jul 1845 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
    d. 11 Jan 1851, buried on Cox farm, West Liberty, (West) Virignia

  3. Wylie Cox
    b. 20 Mar 1847 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
    d. 16 Oct 1925
    m. Mary Dow 14 Oct 1868 their children:
    Frank Clay Cox, b. 19 Aug 1869
    Ora / Cora Cox, b. unknown; married ? Carmen

  4. Mary Cox
    b. 19 Aug 1848 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
    d. 10 Jan 1851 buried Cox farm, West Liberty, (West) Virginia

  5. Elinor Cox
    b. 11 Feb 1852
    m. Joseph Robinson their children:
    Alice Robinson
    Bess Robinson
    Laura Robinson
    Ida Robinson
    Frank Robinson

  6. Abraham Cox, Jr.
    b. 19 May 1854
    m. Jane Lazear 27 Mar 1878 their children:
    Pearl Cox, unmarried school teacher, Brook County, West Virginia
    Lydia Cox, m. Humphrey or Taylor (?)
    Mary Pearl Cox, m. Schoonmaker
    James Cox, m. Olive Crouch
    Evelyn Cox, m. Nolte
    Lois Cox, m. James Drum
    Fanny Cox

  7. Jane Elizabeth Cox
    b. 11 Jul 1855
    m. Lester Bates

  8. Linda Cox
    b. 06 Jan 1857
    m. (?) Magers

  9. Zachary Cox
    b. 04 Jun 1858
    d. 29 May 1935
    m. 1st Josephine Smith 11 May 1882 (divorced)
    m. 2nd Alice Comey, no children

  10. Susan Cox
    b. 31 Oct 1859
    d. 09 Dec 1951
    m. Brice Gosney, lived in Marshall County, West Virginia


No known Children of Mahalia Cox Brown


No known Children of Thomas Cox.
Thomas may have been handicapped and never married.


Children of John Cox and Martha Cook
(per 1870 census)

  1. John Cox
    b. 1852 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
  2. James Cox
    b. 1853 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
  3. Mary Jane Cox
    b. 1855 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
  4. Jeff Cox
    b. 1863 Ohio County, (West) Virginia
  5. Charity Cox
    b. 1865 Ohio County, (West) Virginia


Children of William Cox and Deliah Clemens
(per Emily and John Cox, and as given by 1850 census)

  1. Rebecca Ann Cox, b. 1829
  2. Elizabeth Cox, b. 1831
    m. Albert Joseph Buchanan
  3. Loias Cox, b. 1834
  4. Mary Cox, b. 1840
  5. Hester Cox, b. 1843
  6. William Cox, b. 1845
  7. Jacob H. Cox, b. 1846


Children of Jane Cox and Joseph Hedges

  1. Taylor Hedges, b. 1851; d. 1917
  2. Brooks Hedges, b. 1845; d. 1908
    m. Cora Kyle
  3. Thurman Hedges, m. Cora Baker
    one son,
    Archibald Hedges
  4. Mary Hedges
  5. Sarah Hedges
    m. David Miller
  6. Eliza Hedges


No grand children by George Cox.
It’s believed that he died a bachelor.


Children of Samuel Cox and his two wives.
For more information go to the chapter: Family History of Shirley Cox Larson
Samuel first married to Nancy Rodgers. Children of this marriage were:

  1. Elizabeth Ann Cox
  2. Thomas Cox
  3. Absalom Franklin Cox
  4. Sarah Bridget Cox
  5. Hannah Jane Cox
  6. Lavinia Cox
  7. John Cox
  8. Isabel Cox

Samuel’s second marriage was to Rhoda Gray. Child of this marriage was:

  1. Milton Hupp Cox (Check his biography at the end of the chapter Family History of Shirley Cox Larson.)

Children and Grandchildren of Zachary Cox and Josephine Smith
This couple had three children:

  1. Lester Whitney Cox
    b. 21 Mar 1883 (moved to Pittsburgh)
    d. 17 Oct 1961, buried in Prall Cemetery, West Liberty, West Virginia
    m. Irene ?

  2. Harry Vernon Cox
    b. 09 Jul 1885
    d. 04 Apr 1954
    m. Blossom May Delaplaine on 15 Apr 1914
    Click here to go to her bio and genealogy pages
    b. 18 May 1893
    d. 03 Dec 1982
    This couple had eight children:

    Mildred Cox
    b. 12 Jul 1915 (no children)
    d. 26 Jan 1966

    m.1 Norman Fry
    m.2 Robert Beals
    m.3 Charles Blackburn

    Walter Vernon Cox
    b. 06 Oct 1917
    d. 25 Feb 1986
    m. Olive Lillian Hertig 07 Oct 1946
    Their son: Walter Cox, Jr. m. Sharon Walker; 2 children

    Willard Eugene Cox, b. 09 Apr 1919; d. 09 Apr 1919

    Betty Cox, b 20 Mar 1920; d 26 Dec 1992
    m. George E. Paulovicks 22 Dec 1941
    two children:

    George E. Paulovicks III, b. 17 Nov 1944
    m. Jane Ann Hudson 28 Aug 1966

    Brent Douglas Paulovicks, b. 04 Dec 1952
    m. Lynn Patricia Merrill, 24 Apr 1976
    three children, Betty, Jennifer, John D.

    Harry Lee Cox, b. 03 Sep 1922
    m. Dorothy Pape 31 Mar 1945
    three children:

    Alan Lee Cox, b. 20 Mar 1948 (3 children)
    Elizabeth A. Cox, b. 02 Oct 1954
    Mark Jay Cox, b. 09 Sep 1956; 1 son, Colin Lee

    Glenn Warren Cox, b. 21 Feb 1925
    m. Mary Katherine Bruhn 21 Aug 1948
    two children:

    Carole Jayne Cox, b. 16 Aug 1954 (1 son)
    William B. Cox, b. 29 Jul 1957 (3 children)

    John Delaplaine Cox, b. 09 Jun 1929
    m. Emily Lou Dorsch, 04 Oct 1952

    for more information go to these pages:
    • John & Emily Cox Guardians of the Michael Cox Jr. Farm
    • Predecessors of Blossom V. Delaplaine Cox
    • Family History of Emily Lou Dorsch Cox
    two children: Barbara Ann Cox, b. 09 Jan 1955
    m.1 Thomas Cervone, 15 July 1978
    one son: Jonathon Edward Cervone, b. 07 Feb 1981
    m.2 Jerry Heck Jun 22 1991

    Judith Lynn Cox, b. 15 May 1958
    m. Alan Potts 30 May 1981.

    Robert Delano Cox, b. 14 Dec 1934
    m. Marianne Eggert
    two children: Patricia Mildred Cox, Sabina Maria Cox

  3. Mamie Cox, b 27 Oct 1890; d 23 Dec 1988 lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    m. Walter Milligan, five children plus their grandchildren:

  4. Burell F Milligan
    m. Bina Marvin
    four children: Burell Jr., James, Donald, Judy, Carol
    Arthur R Milligan
    m. Wilma McAllister
    two daughters: Margaret Milligan, Mary Beth
    Walter L Milligan
    m. Eisa Mood
    four children: Lenda, Ruth, Larry, David, May

    Phillip V. Milligan
    m. Rosella (née?)
    three children:
    Betty, Raymond, Robert

Note from Emily Cox:

Harry Cox brought his sister, Mamie and the Milligan children to live near him in the West Liberty, West Virginia area after their father, Walter Milligan died. The children were very young at this time. Harry helped his sister Mamie raise the family. They came from the Pittsburgh area.

Zach was divorced by his first wife, Mary Josephine Smith. He married Alice Comey. She was cremated but shares a headstone with Zachary. Her ashes were scattered in the cemetery.

Mary Josephine Smith moved to California and married a man named Raymond Wilson. She was living in Stockton, California when she wrote a letter to her son, Harry Vernon Cox at the time of the birth of their first child Mildred in 1915. Other than that no one knows whether the family kept in touch.


     MILLIGAN, Mamie M. Cox, 97, formerly of West Liberty, died Thursday [23 Dec. 1988] in Valley View Nursing Home, Martins Ferry. She was a member of the West Liberty Federated Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Walter R Milligan. Surviving are three sons, A R of Elm Grove, Walter Leroy of Tucson, AZ, and Phillip Vernon of Champaign, IL; sixteen grandchildren: several great-grandchildren. Friends received at Kepner Funeral Home, 166 Kruger St., Elm Grove, Wheeling, noon to three and seven to nine p.m. Sunday, where services will be held at 10:00 A.M. Monday. Interment in Union Dale Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA.


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