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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 8

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John & Emily Cox Guardians of the Michael Cox Jr. Farm

by Kenny Ray Cox

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John Delaplaine Cox (b. 1929) is a fifth generation descendant of our common ancestors, Elizabeth and Michael Cox, Sr. He descends from their first child, Michael Jr. and Jeruthea Brooks Cox. He married Emily Lou Dorsch on 4 October 1952. They have largely contributed to this labor of love.

The ownership of the Cox farm in West Liberty, West Virginia, starts with Michael Cox, Jr., who passed it to his son Abraham, who passed it to his sons Zachary and Wylie. In 1923, it went into the hands of Harry and Blossom Cox. Blossom later split the farm into two parts for her two sons, giving the Brooke County half to Glenn and the other half in Ohio County to John.

John and Emily Cox
Photograph 18:
John and Emily Cox

Photograph 17: John and Emily Cox's farm, founded by Michael Cox, Jr.

View of Cox Farm



Some historical facts contributed by Emily Cox:

A glacier caused the flat land formation on top of what was always referred to as "the knob." There are other properties nearby that have similar flat areas. There is an original geological survey marker on the knob. Limestone was quarried on the farm up to the 1950s. Once a large piece of material was found that could not be cracked. It was taken to Bethany College and was found to be a meteorite.

The farm is part of an original post-Revolutionary War land grant that consisted of 1,000 acres granted to the Cox family in 1783. Approximately 330 of the original 1,000 acres remain in tact. The other acres have been sold or given to family members. The house, occupied now by Beverly Baker, is the third residence to be built on these remaining acres. It was built in 1925. The mailbox stands on a stone that was from the chimney of the original home. Harry Lee Cox has many fond memories of growing up on this farm. He recalls that the Beck family also received a 1,000-acre land grant at the same time as the Cox family. He remembers being told that in the area between where currently the closed Beck's restaurant and Paul Beck's house are located, there was an icehouse that supplied the local residents with ice all year long.

In 1930, the farm had six milk cows, then went to ten, then 26, and now 50 some cows are milked. The current dairy barn was constructed in the 1960s, with additions and renovations since. Electricity came to the farm in 1935 due to the Rural Electrification Administration during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

There is a family cemetery up on a hill next to the McGee property. Until Mike Baker's death on 31 July 2000 (* click here to go Part 1's subchapter on the Cox Cemetery page *), no one had been interred there since the early 1930s. John Cox is a graduate of the West Virginia University College of Agriculture and passed a lot of his knowledge on to Mike Baker. John employed Mike for several years before Mike took over the operation on a lease.

John Cox Line of Descent from Michael Cox, Sr.

Rearranged differenty, the above chart reads as follows, generation by generation:

Generation 1

Michael Cox, Sr.
b. before 1740, Hamburg, Germany (most likely)
d. 24 Jan. 1815, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
m. Elizabeth (Desloch ?) in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (?)
b. unknown, d. 20 July 1810

children: Michael, Jacob, Peter, Rosanna, Eve, Elizabeth,
Margaret, Martin, Christine, Joseph


Generation 2

Michael Cox, Jr.
b. 1759, place unknown; d. Jan 1832 West Liberty, (West) Virginia
m. Jeruthea Ann Brooks
b. 1773; d.28 Oct. 1863 West Liberty, (West) Virginia

children: Michael (III), Joseph, Anne, Elizabeth, Samuel, David, Isaac, Abraham, Mahalia, Thomas, John, William, Jane, George

Generation 3

Abraham Cox
b. 20 September 1809, (West) Virginia
d. 14 August 1889, (West) Virginia
m. Eliza A. Foster, 13 April 1843, (West) Virginia
b. 1824, d. 14 Feb. 1863, (West) Virginia

children: Ann, Archibald, Wylie, Carmen, Mary, Elinor,
Abraham Jr., Jane Elizabeth, Lina, Zachary, Susan

Generation 4 Zachary Cox
b. 4 June 1858, West Liberty, (West) Virginia
d. 29 May 1935, West Liberty, (West) Virginia
m. Mary Josephine Smith, 11 May 1882
children: Lester Whitney, Harry Vernon, Mamie
Generation 5

Harry Vernon Cox
b. 9 July 1885, West Virginia
d. 4 April 1954, West Virginia
m. Blossom V. Delaplaine, 15 April 1914
b. 18 May 1893, d. 3 December 1982

children: Mildred, Walter Vernon, Willard Eugene, Betty,
Harry Lee, Glenn Warren, John Delaplaine, Robert Delano

Generation 6

John Delaplaine Cox
b. 09 June 1929, West Virginia
m. Emily Lou Dorsch, 04 Oct 1952
b. 08 March 1930
children: Barbara Ann and Judith Lynn

John Cox and Deem cousins

Photograph 19: John Cox and Deem cousins

In the photo above on the left are the cousins Howard Deem and Mary Ann Deem Bowry.
John Cox is on the right. In the middle are Boyd Deem and his friend Lou.

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