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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 9

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of Blossom V. Delaplaine Cox
by David W. Cox
Genealogical data kindly contributed
by John and Emily Cox

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Blossom's genealogical chart is extremely rich; with ancestors traceable to mid 16th century France (both Picardy and the western town of Bressuire), Rijswick in Holland, and mid 17th century Norfolk County, England where we find a James Cock, who emigrated to America.

Her lineage contains yet another Cox/Cock link dating back to the late 17th century. Miss Hannah Cock became the spouse of James Delaplaine (see fourth generation in the genealogical chart below).

The Delaplaine family originated in western France, and the Cresson family in the Picardy region, just northeast of Paris.

The Cressons must have been Protestants, as they emigrated to Holland (before 1637) with the wave of persecuted Huguenots. Later, sometime before 1658, they landed and settled in the Dutch colony of New Holland (now New York).

Oddly for this period of time, Blossom was indeed born one month before her parents wed.

Below, in shortened form, is Blossom's genealogical chart.
A more complete chart is available; contact John and Emily.


Map 9: European Origins
of the Delaplaines


Ancestor Chart 1: Ancestors of Blossom Delaplaine Cox

Jacques Delaplaine
b. circa 1568, Bressuire, France;
occupation unknown;
m. [unknown name of spouse]; one child
d. in Bressuire, France

Nicholas Delaplaine
b. 1592, Bressuire France;
occupation: church official
m. [unknown name of spouse]; one child
d. 1697, Bressuire, France

Nicolas Delaplaine
b. 1633, Bressuire France;
occupation: tobacco twister
m. 1658, Susanna Cresson, Old Dutch Church, New Amsterdam (New York)
18 children; Susanna: b. 1637, Rijswick, Holland, parents from Picardy, France
d. after Susanna (d. circa 1711), New York City

James Delaplaine
b. 1666, New York City; occupation unknown
m. Hannah Cock, John Underhills, Matinecock, Long Island, NY; 7 children
d. 12 Apr 1758, Germantown, Pennsylvania

James Delaplaine
b. 05 Oct 1695, New Castle, Delaware (?); occupation unknown
m1 25 Mar 1728, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 4 children
m2 31 Aug 1737 Ann Jones,
d. 1788, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nehemiah Delaplaine
b. circa 1738, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; occupation unknown
m. 14 Oct 1755, Mary Marshall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 3 children;
d. 18 Oct 1802, Newport, Delaware

James Delaplaine
b. 19 Jul 1756, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; occupation: farmer
m. 16 Sep 1787, Mary Kirk, Wilmington, Delaware, 5 children
d. 02 or 28 Apr 1797, Newcastle County, Delaware

James Delaplaine
b. 18 Jun 1795, Centerville, Delaware; occupation unknown
m. 30 Oct 1817, Mary Hendrickson, 7 children
d. 06 Feb 1884, Centerville, Delaware, buried in Lower Brandywine Cemetery

Peter Delaplaine
b. 30 Aug 1818, Delaware; occupation unknown
m. 28 Aug 1847, Virginia Florence Kelley, 5 children
d. 1904

Samuel Delaplaine
b. 04 Jul 1860, West Liberty, Ohio; occupation: carpenter
m1 04 Jun 1893, Birdie Mae Beck, Ohio County, West Virginia; divorced
m2 04 Jun 1914, Clara Foster, Ohio County, West Virginia

Blossom V. Delaplaine
b. 18 May 1893, Brooke County, West Virginia (daughter of Birdie Mae)
m. 15 Apr 1914, Harry Vernon Cox, West Virginia;
8 children: Mildred, Walter, Willard, Betty, Harry, Glenn, John, Robert
d. 3 Dec 1982, West Liberty, West Virginia

Note from Emily Cox concerning Birdie May Beck Delaplaine Pyle.

"Rachel Humphrey was John's mother's mother. From his generation on down to present times, I have information on most of the children, husbands, children, etc. Birdie's mother, Rachel Humphrey was born in West Alexander, Pennsylvania. Her parents and grandparents are the Humphreys who organized the town of West Alexander; so it was easy to find local history and tombstones for them. West Alexander is located quite close to the truck stop where you stop when in our neighborhood, Ken."

Rachel Humphrey
b 16 Jul 1825, Brooke County, (West) Virginia
m 4 Jun 1846 to John Beck
d 28 Feb 1913, Brooke County, West Virginia
9 children:

  Charity Ann Beck Zink, b 22 Jun 1848
John Humphrey Beck, b 2 Mar 1850
Susan Beck Falgattter, b 14 Mar 1852
Mary Beck, b 13 Jan 1854
Homer Beck, b 13 Nov 1855
Calvin Beck, b 28 Sep 1858
Wesley Beck, b 19 Aug 1860
Betti Beck, b 11 Feb 1861
Birdie May Beck Delaplaine Pyle, b 19 May 1870.


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