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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 10

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Family History
of Emily Lou Dorsch Cox

data contributed by Emily Cox

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Emily Lou Dorsch Cox and her husband, John, live and operate the Michael Cox, Jr. farm at West liberty, West Virginia. Emily submitted the following information on her family background. She was born 8 March 1930, and married John on 4 October 1952. She is the daughter of Walter Louis Dorsch and Ida May Christy Dorsch.

The following words are hers. Only a few punctuation marks have been added.


Walter L. Dorsch, born Oct. 20, 1900, died March 15, 1983, married Nov. 3, 1926 Ida May Christy, born April 24, 1905, daughter of Andrew Christy and Mary Parrish. died September 18, 1984.

Walterís parents: George Simon Dorsch and Lona Lasch Dorsch.

George, born July 8, 1855 and died April 1, 1939, married to Apollonia "Lona" Lasch on March 31, 1885. Lona was born Sept. 10, 1863, and died May 28, 1939. Lonaís parents: Simon Lasch and Katherine Ebbert Lasch. Georgeís parents married on 19 Aug 1849. They were: George D. Dorsch (b. 7 April 1822, d. 9 June 1911) and Katherine Keim (b. 09 Feb 1829, daughter of Jacob Kein and Elizabeth Ferbert, d. 15 Sept 1890).

The above has all been documented, but I have questions about the following:

Henrich Dorsch, born 1815, died Dec. 14, 1892, a farmer from Germany; married Elisabeth Dorsch, born 1818 and died July 22, 1891, born Germany, died Martinís Ferry, Ohio.

Emma Dorsch Breitenstein lived in Bridgeport, Ohio, died Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Charles Helling, born 1848 in Duchy of Brunswick, State of Germany, married Katherine Dorsch Helling on Dec. 10, 1872. She was born Sept. 26, 1850 and died Sept. 15, 1873.

John Dorsch, born April 1, 1853 and died July 2, 1900. I think son of George and Katharina Keim Dorsch.

I know these people are related, but not sure just how.

In the Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling, WV, area where my parents are buried, my Dadís brother, Carl, who lives in Florida, and hasnít had anything to do with the rest of the family for years, bought a large plot at this Greenwood Cemetery, and moved all these stones from Martins Ferry, Ohio cemetery. He had the stones all cleaned up and at great expense, but I donít know any details of this. I came across this when I was in the cemetery office asking questions about Delaplaine relatives. And she asked my name and I told her this was on my husbandís side of the family. Then I told her I didnít know much about my side, as I thought most had come from Germany. She asked the name, and said well had I checked out the new plot Ė and here was all these Dorsch stones! My uncle Carl (who has not died, but his wife has) has his stone and his wifeís there. So lights began to flash, and I copied names and dates as follows:

Katharina, wife of George, born Feb. 9, 1829, died Feb. 15, 1890, then under her name is George Dorsch, born April 7, 1822, died June 9, 1911. Then around this large stone are individual stones with these names: Katharina Dorsch Helling, John Dorsch, George Dorsch, Mary Dorsch, Elizabeth Dorsch (who I know, and she never married) and last, Casper Dorsch (who I know Elizabeth and Casper to be my grandfatherís brother and sister).

I also believe that Mary could be a sister to my grandfather, but if so, she would have been married to a [?] Shoddy. She was born 1858, and had a daughter, Dorothy, and they would have lived in Martins Ferry, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. I did go and look up these people in the Martins Ferry, Ohio library, but only got birth and death dates, nothing of family.



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