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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 11

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Family History
of William T. Oye

data contributed by William T. Oye

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Willaim T. Oye's Line of Descent from Michael Cox, Sr.

Michael Cox, Sr.
b. before 1740, Hamburg, Germany (most likely), d. 24 Jan. 1815, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
m. Elizabeth (Desloch ?) in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (?)
b. unknown, d. 20 July 1810
children: Michael, Jacob, Peter, Rosanna, Eve, Elizabeth,
Margaret, Martin, Christine, Joseph

Michael Cox, Jr.
b. 27 Aug 1759 (place unknown), d. 11 Jan. 1832, West Liberty, Ohio Co., (West) Virginia
m. Jeruthea Ann Brooks, b. circa 1773, d. 28 Oct 1863
children: Michael, David, Anne, Joseph, Elizabeth, Samuel, Isaac,
William, Abraham, Mahalia, Thomas, John, Jane, George

Joseph Cox
b. 16 Feb 1791 Fayette, Co., Pennsylvania, d. 19 Apr 1856, Marshall County (West) Virginia
m. Rosanna Rodgers, b. 15 Dec 1800, m. 16 Sep 1815, d. 5 Jul 1872
children: Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Jonathon, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac,
Abraham, Edward, Samuel, George, William, Jane, John

Edward Cox
b. 6 Oct 1834 Marshall Co., (West) Virginia, d. 14 Aug 1923
m. Sarah Elizabeth Lowe, b. 9 Nov 1838, m. 14 Jan 1858, d. 12 Aug 1883
children: John Virgil, Alice, Mary

Alice Cox
b. 17 Mar 1862 near Arthur, Illinois, d. 19 Aug 1950, buried at Arthur, Illinois
m. Michael Mentzer, b. 9 Nov 1838, m. 15 Dec 1885, d. 3 Dec 1933
children: Clara, Pearl, Sarah, Ralph, Geneva

Clara Elma Mentzer
b. 19 Sep 1886, near Arthur, Illinois, d. 4 Aug 1938, buried at Arthur, Illinois
m. John Peter Oye, b. 5 Sep 1882, m. 28 Sep 1904, d. 4 Aug 1938
children: John M., Willie B., Lela Marie

Willie Burdette Oye
b. 19 May 1909, d. 20 Apr 1995
m1 Ruby Juanita Thomas, b. 25 Dec 1910, m. 25 Dec 1927, d. 12 Oct 1974
mē Margaret Craycroft 19 Aug 1978, divorced in 1988
children by first wife: William Thomas, Harold Duane, Gerald Wayne

William Thomas Oye
b. 20 Jul 1928, Decatur, Illinois
m. Dolores Elaine Williams, b. 31 May 1932, m. 9 Jun 1951
children: William Nolan, Dianna Lynn, Garry Allen

In his letter of 26 January 1999, William Oye informed us of the following:

[I] received more discs from Family Tree Maker. On the Passenger and Immigration List Index 1538-1940,
I found the following listing:

Primary individual, Cock, Micharl [sic]
Place: Philadelphia
Year: 1732
Age: 33

I had not found it before because of the way they spelled Michael, with the "r" instead of "e." It was probably a typo but it wouldn't bring it up. Also Cock not Cocks. Think it might fit?

Also I'm still not sure where to put David that I had as a son of Michael and Elizabeth, and was their other son Michael that married Leah Todd.

Listing of inhabitants in 1785 Fayette County, PA.:
Cock, John Union Township, Pennsylvania
Cock, Michal Jr. Luzerne Township
Cock, Michal Sr. Luzerne Township
Cocks, Jacob Luzerne Township
Cox, Joseph Springhill Township

Surname Index to Fayette County Cemeteries:
Cock-Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery
Cox-Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery
Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dunbar Township.

[Source: Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, Pennsylvania German Pioneeers: A Publication of the Orinigal List of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. ]

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