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Part 3: Chapter 16

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Jacob & Eve Wise Cox

by Kenny Ray Cox

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Jacob Cox was the second child of Elizabeth and Michael Cox, Sr. Like his brothers, Michael Jr., Peter, and Martin, Jacob also left his father's farm in southwestern Pennsylvania. He headed west into the wilds of Ohio Territory, settling in Darke County, on the western edge of the frontier. Today Darke County borders the state of Indiana.

When Jacob Cox settled in Darke County, Ohio's southwestern corner and a portion of southeastern Indiana were being organized out of the so-called "Congress Lands".

Although all his children were born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, they all remained in Darke County, or close by, until their deaths. Two of their descendants have produced significant genealogical research. And we will start with their genealogical data, before presenting family data for Jacob and Eve.

Map 11: Organization of southwestern Ohio

Southwestern Ohio Settlements


Map 12: Organization Ohio Counties

Ohio 1814

Dr. Susan Meier Tilson of Elk Grove, California, found Warren Packer's name in a genealogical publication and became acquainted with him in the late 1970s. Warren allowed her to copy his unfinished manuscript. Warren died a few years later without completing his Cox history.

In 1996, Susan learned of my research from an Internet connection and contacted me through Darlene Guerra. I sent for the Warren Packer manuscript at once. I can only describe his work as enormous. We're so grateful that he put this branch together.

From reading his manuscript, it became obvious to me that he traveled extensively to county courthouses, libraries, and cemeteries, just as I do. He had also interviewed living descendants in the various areas. A work of this magnitude couldn't be accomplished any other way.

In the interest of brevity, I've omitted the writings of Darke County, Histories. Allied lines are too numerous to list here with the exception of one: Jacob Cox's grandson Jesse Cox married Prudence Jane Wintermute. Anyone with interest in the Wintermute branch should visit the Windemuth Family Organization website or contact Susan Meier Tillson by e-mail.

I can only tell you that if you belong to this family group, your history would be complete with Warren's work. There are approximately thirty-seven rolls of microfilm in his research, which can be consulted at the Family History Center, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Click here to go to Jacob Cox's last will and testament.

Children of Eve Wise & Jacob Cox

Jacob Cox, b. circa 1760-62, Pennsylvania
d. 05 Oct 1822 Darke County, Ohio
m. Eve Wise, Hardy County, Virginia
b. circa 1763, Hardy County, Virginia
d. 03 Sep 1846
both buried in Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio
Nine children:

Martin Cox, b. ? Aug 1782, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 08 Dec 1855; Darke County, Ohio
m. Doritha Likens, 12 May 1809 (daughter of John Likens)
b. 05 June 1789, Hardy County, (West) Virginia
d. 05 Aug 1871, Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Jacob Cox, b. 14 Jul 1787, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 03 Apr 1842, Hiller Cemetery. Darke County, Ohio
m. Elizabeth Wise; 1816, Hardy County, Virginia
b. 12 Mar 1800, Hardy County, Virginia
d. 04 Mar 1877

John Cox, b. 1788, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 1868, Ukiah, California
m. Eliza Gardner

Barbara Cox, b. 30 Sep 1791, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 21 Aug 1873, Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio
m. George Stingley
b. 04 Aug 1787, Virginia
d. 06 Mar 1869, Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Samuel Cox, b. 07 Oct 1793, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 16 Apr 1819, Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio
(Samuel died at age 25.)

Mary Cox, b. 1795, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 1871
m. Daniel Waggoner, 02 Dec 1819
b. 1800, Berks Co., Pennsylvania
d. 09 Mar 1876, Darke Co., Ohio

Eve Cox, b. 23 Oct 1798, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 13 Dec 1866, Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio
m. Hugh Martin, 22 Oct 1823
b. 28 Dec 1801
d. 07 Apr 1842, Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Abraham Cox, b. 23 Feb. 1801, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 30 Dec 1873, Dininger Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio
m. Hannah Waggoner 23 May 1819
b. 27 Feb. 1797
d. 31 Aug 1880, Dininger Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Henry Cox, b. circa 1803 Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. Miami County, Ohio
m. Anna Long
b. 1806


The following pages are devoted to the offspring of each of Jacob and Eve's nine children.


Children of Doritha Likens & Martin Cox
(b. 1782, son of Jacob, born circa 1760)

This couple had four children, but they may have had three other daughters. Doritha was the daughter of John Likens. Israel and John were fifers in the Civil War. Israel died of dropsy on 16 July 1877. According to a county record, John died 20 May.

Israel Cox, b. 03 Jul 1809 Darke County, Ohio
d. 16 Jul 1877 Washington Township Darke County, Ohio
m. Eve Livengood 20 Jul 1832 Darke County, Ohio
b. 02 Jul 1810 Pennsylvania
d. 22 Mar 1877 Greenville Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

John Cox, b. 05 Jun 1812 Darke County, Ohio
d. 20 (or 02?) May 1862 Shiloh Tennessee
field hospital Civil War

Martin Cox, b. 19 Aug 1822 Darke County, Ohio
d. 27 Jul 1823 Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Elizabeth Cox, b. 20 Jul 1825 Washington Township Darke County, Ohio
d. 6 April 1911
m. Samuel Cole 20 Mar 1844
son of Sam and Mary [Elston] Cole, b. 08 Apr 1821; d 11 Oct 1916

Henry M. Cole, b. 17 Mar 1845
m. Elizabeth Porter

Mary Jane Cole, b. 17 Jan 1847
m. John McClure

William Cole, b. 03 Mar 1849
m. Clarrissa Alexander

John Riley Cole, b. 01 Mar 1851
m. 1 Julia Manuel, mē Elva Lewis

Evangeline Cole, b. 11 Feb 1854, d. 22 May 1854

Isabella Cole b 19 Jul 1855
m. Thomas L Brewer

Samuel Cole, b. 20 Jul 1857, d. 20 Apr 1876

Elmer E. Cole, b. 16 Apr 1866, d. 28 Mar 1920

twins b. 15 June 1863, d. 17 June 1863


Children of Elizabeth Wise & Jacob Cox
(b. 1787, son of Jacob, born circa 1760)

This couple had twelve children: Jesse, Job, Hannah, Samuel, Martin, Jacob, Mary, John, Eliza, an unnamed infant, Israel, and William. The information on this and the two following pages, was found by Mr. Packer in the notebook of Ora Newton Cox of Greenville, Ohio.


Jesse Cox, b. 24 Apr 1817;
d. 27 Sep 1873 Bethel Church Cemetery
m. Prudence Jane Wintermute 06 Feb 1839
b. 01 Mar 1819 Sussex Co., NJ;
d. 01 Apr 1903 Darke Co., Ohio

ten children:
Sarah Elizabeth Cox, b. 23 Nov 1839; m. Elijah Evans
Jacob W. Cox, b. 12 Aug 1841; m. Mary E Bechtolt
Mary Ann Cox, b. 21 Mar 1844; m. Ernest C White
William Henry Cox, b. ca 1854; m. Catherine Harris
Abraham Cox
Isaac Cox
Charles N. Cox
Joseph M. Cox
Harry Leonard Cox
Julia Cox

Job Cox, b.
8 Feb 1819;
d. 29 Sep 1834 at the age of 15

Hannah Cox, b. 24 Apr 1821; d 30 Dec 1902
m. 25 Apr 1840, R. Lorezo Dixon, Greenville Township
b. 07 May 1812, North Carolina;
d 08 Feb 1878

six children:
Lavina Dixon, b circa 1843, m. James S Bennett 27 Oct 1864
John Dixon, b circa 1845, two marriages:
m. 1 Florence Roark, mē Mary Robinson
William Dixon b circa 1847 m. Mary J Passon
Robert L. Dixon b circa 1849 m. Mary A Clay
George R. Dixon b 13 Jan 1854 m. Rachel Harris
Harvey Dixon b 17 Aug 1852; d ? Jan 1872


Samuel Cox, b. 07 Oct 1823,
d. 16 Apr 1849
m. Melinda Wisener 29 Feb 1846
b. 02 Feb 1827, d 12 Jun 1863 (m2 William Martin)

two children:
Aaron Cox, b. 02 Dec 1846; d. 15 Dec 1846
Sarah Cox, b. 12 Jun 1848; m. Frank Thomas

Note: Like his uncle of the same name, Samuel died at the age of 25. His widow remarried to his cousin, William Martin, son of Eve Cox and Hugh Martin (click here to descend to that information).


Martin Cox, b. 20 Jun 1826, d 15 Dec 1876, Darke County, Ohio
m. 06 Apr 1854, Sarah Manuel
b. 14 Jun 1824, d 14 Feb 1879 Darke County, Ohio

four children:
Courtner Cox, b. 18 Mar 1855; d 02 Aug 1862
Lucy Cox, b; (?); m. William Henning
Delia Helen Cox, b. 15 Jun 1860; m. John Stiver
Otho L. Cox, b. ca 1864; m. Ella Skidmore


Jacob Cox, b 02 Jan 1829, d 22 Oct 1829 (at 10 months of age)

Mary Cox, b 17 Aug 1830, d ca 1913
m. Phillip Lee Rogers, Washington Township, 02 Apr 1849
b. circa 1822, d. circa 1904, served in Company G 152, Ohio N.G.I. in the Civil War.

eleven children:
Jeremiah Rogers, b ca 1850, d 1926
Sarah E. Rogers, b ca 1851, d 1931
Phillip Rogers, m. Mary Frank
Byron Rogers, b 21 Jul 1855, m. Ida Baker
Phoebe Rogers, b 20 Apr 1858, m. David Houpt
Lavina Rogers, b 11 Apr 1861, m. John House
Lincoln Rogers, b 17 Mar 1864, d 1831
Brownlow Rogers, b 28 Jun 1866, d 1939
Jemima Rogers, b 28 Jun 1866
Burnside Rogers, b 17 Apr 1871, d (?)
Carrie Rogers, b 01 Dec 1874, d 07 Apr 1888


John Cox, b 17 Mar 1833, d 07 Apr 1922 Darke County, Ohio
m.1 Mary J Crowel 06 Apr 1854
b. 01 Feb 1831, d 03 Apr 1874

five children:
Margaret Caroline Cox
, b 21 Apr 1855, d 16 Dec 1873
Samuel Cox, b 01 Jan 1859, m. Rebecca A McClure
Sarah Matilda Cox, b 28 Sep 1860, d 09 Jan 1879
Clara Belle Cox, b 21 Nov 1856, m. John Weisner
Minerva Ann Cox, b 30 Sept 1864, m. Moses A DeHoff
Laura May Cox, b 06 Oct 1868, m. Charles Bickel

Henrietta Snell 29 Dec 1908


Eliza Jane Cox, b 26 Feb 1835, d 28 Jul 1904, Darke County, Ohio
m. Samuel Van Fleet, Washington Township 04 Dec 1856
b. 17 Jan 1830, d 12 Jan 1887

nine children:
John Henry Van Fleet
, b 04 Mar 186?, d 01 Feb 1881
Jacob Van Fleet, b 06 Jan 186?, d 21 Sep 186?
Rebecca Jane Van Fleet, b 23 Jun 1862, d 1949
Phoebe Alice Van Fleet, b 08 Nov 1864, m. William Neff
Samantha Ann Van Fleet, b 26 Aug 1869, d 30 Sep 1884
Frank Wilson Van Fleet, b 12 Mar 1872, m. Fanny Huber
Wallace Cole Van Fleet, b 28 Jun 1874, m. Ethel Haupt
Walter Cox Van Fleet, b 28 Jun 1874, m. Viola Kretzman


infant b. 1 Dec 1836, d. 9 Dec 1836

Israel Cox, b. 22 Jun 1838, d 17 Sep 1889 Old Center, Indiana
m. Christina Landers 20 Dec 1860 Dark County, Ohio

seven chilren:
William H. Cox
, b. ca 1865, m. Lona Goldman
Mary Cox, b. (?); m. James Ulrich
Cyrena C. Cox, b 05 Oct 1873, m Orloff J Cotton
Emma Cox, b 1876, m1 John Crawford, mē Thomas Murray
Isaac Cox, b 17 Mar 1877, m. Nevada Ulrich
Alva Otho Cox, b 03 Oct 1879, m1 Fannie L Craig, mē Priscilla (née ?)
Otto Samuel Cox, b ca 1881, m. Nora C McCullough


William Cox,
b. 27 Jan 1841, d. 22 Mar 1905
m. Margaret Van Fleet 22 Aug 1872
b. 32 Oct 1850, d. 25 Oct 1933

four children:
Ora Newton Cox
, b. 22 June 1873, m. Jennie Young
Harriet Angeline Cox, b. 05 Nov 1874, d 03 Mar 1902
infant , b. 08 Oct 1876, d. 11 Oct 1876
John Jacob Cox, b. 18 Dec 1877, m. Golda Klace


Children of Eliza Gardner and John Cox
(son of Jacob, b. ca 1760)

Information on this couple is sketchy. Apparently, they had seven children born between 1816 and 1830. We have no names for these children, nor can we be absolutely sure of the maiden name of their mother. John owned land in Darke County, Ohio. He had a northeast quarter in section 31, township 12, range 2, as well as some land in section 36, township 12, range 1. According to Susan Meier, John died in Ukiah, California in 1868.


Children of George Stingley and Barbara Cox
(b. 1791, daughter of Jacob, b. 1760)

Barbara's husband, George Stingley, was born on 4 Aug 1784 in Virginia. He died on 6 March 1869.
This couple had eight children.

Moses Stingley, b. 5 Mar 1817, d. 6 May 1836
Abraham Stingley, b. 19 Apr 1818, d. 11 Aug 1823
Henry J. Stingley, b. 1819, d (unknown), m. Rebecca Nue
Louisa Stingley, b. 25 Dec 1821, d. (unknown), m. Harrod Mills
Amelia Stingley, b. (unknown), d. (unknown), m. Noah Arnold
Eve Stingley, b. 1827 (?), d. (unknown), m. Manilus Wilcox
Mary Ann Stingley, b. (unknown), d. (unknown), m. William Arnold
Rachel Stingley, b. 24 Mar 1831, d. (unknown), m. Ivens D Parent

No known marriage/children for Samuel Cox
(b. 1793, d 6 Apr 1819, son of Jacob)


Child of Mary Cox and unknown father

Mary Cox (b. 1795, d. 9 Mar 1876, daughter of Jacob, b. ca 1760) had one son, John, before she married to Daniel Waggoner on 2 Dec 1819. We learn from Jacob's will, that the boy was bound to his grandfather by an indenture dated September 4, 1820. We do not know whether Daniel Waggoner was his biological father.

John Cox, born before Dec 1819, d. (unknown)


Children of Hugh Martin & Eve Cox

Eve Cox was born on 23 Oct 1798, and died on 13 Dec 1866. She was the daughter of Jacob Cox, b. ca 1760.
She married Hugh Martin who was born on 28 Dec 1801 and died on 7 Apr 1842. This couple had six children:

Isaac Martin, b. 1828, d. 1910; m. Sarah M. (née?)
William Martin, b. 16 Dec 1828; m. Melinda Wisener (widow of Samuel Cox, click here to go up to that information)
Mary Ann Martin, b. 18 Apr 1830; m. Benjamin H Clark
John C. Martin, b. ca 1832; m. Cynthia A Weisener
Joseph Martin, b. 08 Jul 1834; m. Jane Van Fleet
Henry Martin, b. 1837 Darke County, Ohio; d. 1863


Children of Hannah Waggoner & Abraham Cox
(b. 1801, son of Jacob, b. ca 1760)

Photograph 23: Hannah Waggoner and Abraham Cox

Photo and genealogical data provided by Susan Meier

Abraham Cox (grandson of Michael Cox, Sr.) was born 23 February 1801, and died 30 December 1873. He married Hannah Waggoner on 23 May 1819. She was born 27 February 1797, and died 31 August 1880. They lived and died in Darke County, Ohio.

They had three children: Mary, Jacob, and Sabina.

Mary Cox, b. 18 Jul 1819; d. 1915 in Indiana

m1 John Brown in 1838;
Henry Hansberger on 7 April 1846

Mary suffered a sunstroke in 1850. She was pregnant with Belle at the time, and her son William was just a toddler. The stroke left her paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. She lived to the age of 96. She thought it was a shame that she should be living in a near useless state while younger people were dying. Henry Hansberger, her second husband, died before 1900.

Children of MARY COX and JOHN BROWN are:

i. MARGARET ANN BROWN, b. October 15, 1840, Darke Co., Ohio; d. October 22, 1916, Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa; m. (1) FRANCIS B. SEACOY; m. (2) SQUIRE JEFFERIS, February 02, 1858, Darke, Ohio; m. (3) JAMES A. FISHER, November 21, 1865, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana. Margaret was buried at Ponca Cemetery, in Dixon County, Nebraska. JAMES A. FISHER was buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, California.

ii. ANTHONY "TONE" BROWN, b. November 04, 1842, Indiana or Ohio; d. January 31, 1877, Ponca Cemetery, Ponca, Dixon, Nebraska. At age 24, Anthony was living with his sister Margaret Fisher and family in Iowa.

Children of MARY COX and HENRY HANSBERGER are:


iv. ISABELLE "BELLE" HANSBERGER, b. March 1850, Darke Co., Ohio; d. March 17, 1916, Union City; m. (1) ROGERS; m. (2) GEORGE WASHINGTON BOBIER, December 08, 1875, Dixon Co., Nebraska. Burial: 1916, Space 74, Union City Cemetery.


Jacob Cox, b. 18 May 1822; d. 20 May 1874
married Frances Waggoner, February 1849
both are buried in Dininger Cem., Darke Co., OH
Jacob and his family lived adjacent to his parents, Abraham and Hannah Cox.
FRANCES "FANNY" WAGONER's maiden name was provided by Warren Packer.

Children of JACOB COX and FRANCES WAGONER are:

i. HANNAH CATHERINE COX, b. September 27, 1850, OH; m. LEVI HANSBARGER.

ii. MARY JANE COX, b. September 07, 1853, OH; m. JOHN G. NORRIS, December 17, 1874, Darke Co., OH.

iii. ABRAHAM COX, b. January 18, 1857, OH; d. March 31, 1933; m. ELLEN LYDIA HILLER, February 03, 1880, Darke Co., OH. Both Abraham and Ellen were buried in Snell Cemetery, Darke Co., Ohio. Ellen's parents were John V. and Lydia (Hendricks) Hiller.

iv. RACHEL ANN COX, b. November 22, 1859, OH; m. JESSE JAMES BATTEN, March 20, 1881, Darke Co., OH.

v. SARAH ELIZABETH COX, b. August 23, 1862, OH; m. WILLIAM H. NORRIS, February 06, 1881, Darke Co., OH.


Sabina Cox, b. 26 Mar 1824; d. (?)
married HENRY REICHARD, August 09, 1866 in Darke Co., OH.
Sabina was reported as living with Hannah (Waggoner) Cox, her mother, in the 1880 census.
HENRY REICHARD died before 1880, as Sabina was listed as a widow.


i. ANN/MARY E.5 REICHARD, b. April 1867, OH; m. DAVID K. NORRIS, 1881, OH.


Children of Anna Long & Henry Cox
(b. 1803, son of Jacob, born circa 1760)

This couple had nine children:
Joseph Cox, b. ca 1829, m. Mary Ellen Weddle
Peleg Cox, b. ca 1831, m. Elizabeth Coppock 10 Aug 1854
Harb D. Cox, b. 13 Feb 1834, d 06 May 1910, m Barbara Coprock
Alice Cox, b. ca 1837
Aurilla Cox, b. ca 1837
Weller B. Cox, b. 06 Aug 1840, m Louisa M Conaway
Minerva Cox, b. 10 Dec 1848, d 12 Mar 1903; m. William Patty Wilkerson, 09 May 1935 Miami County, Ohio
Elizabeth Cox, b. (unknown)
Sarah J. Cox, b. (unknown)



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