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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 18

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Susan Meier Line of Descent
from Michael Cox, Sr.

data contributed by Susan Meier Tillson

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Susan Meier Tillson is a professor emeritus of California State University, Sacramento. She retired as Chair of the Criminal Justice Division in 2000. Her husband, Richard Tillson, is now a retired Deputy Director for the Institutions and Camps branch of the California Youth Authority and is working as a senior fellow at the National Council on Crime and Delinquency. Susan and Richard enjoy family, friends, traveling, live theater, reading, cooking, and most of all, each otherís company!

Susan has been working on her family genealogy for over twenty years. She has generously shared data and correspondence with us. Her documentation is rich, well written, and contains many family anecdotes.

Click on this link to send e-mail to Susan Meier Tillson.

Click on this link to visit her website dedicated to her Windemuth ancestors and cousins.

Photograph 22: Susan Meier Tillson

Susan Meier

Susan Meier Line of Descent from Michael Cox, Sr.

Michael & Elizabeth b. before 1740 ? Hamburg, Germany
d. 24 Jan 1815, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
m. Elizabeth ?
b. (unknown); d. 20 Jul 1810

Jacob Cox, Senior b. ca 1764
d. 05 Oct 1822, Washington Township, Darke County, Ohio
m. Eve Wise, parents John & ___ Wise, Hampshire Co., VA [note: Hardy County (now in West Virginia) was carved out of Hampshire County Virginia in 1785.]

Eve's parents: John & ___Wise, Hardy County, Virginia
b. circa 1763, Hardy County, Virginia
d. 03 Sep 1846, Washington Township Darke County, Ohio
both buried in Hiller Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Abraham Cox b. 23 Feb 1801, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
d. 30 Dec 1873, German Township, Darke County, Ohio
m. Hannah Waggoner 23 May 1819 Darke County, Ohio
b. 27 Feb 1797, Berks County, Pennsylvania
d. 31 Aug 1880, German Township Darke County, Ohio
both buried in Dininger Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

Mary Cox b. 18 Jul 1819 Darke County, Ohio;
d. 1915, Indiana
m . John W Brown 24 Nov 1838 Darke County, Ohio
b. 1812, New Jersey; d. Jan/Feb 1844 Darke County, Ohio

Margaret Ann Brown b. 15 Oct 1840, Darke County, Ohio
d. 22 Oct 1916, Sioux City Woodbury County, Iowa
buried Ponca Cemetery, Ponca Dixon County, Nebraska
m. James A Fisher Capt., 21 Nov 1865, Indianapolis, Indiana
b. 04 Apr 1837, Clinton County, Indiana
d. 02 Mar 1910, Old Soldierís Home Los Angeles, California
buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, Calif.

George Franklin Dell Fisher b. 17 Oct 1870, Ponca Dixon County, Ohio
d. 30 Oct 1948, Sioux City Woodbury County, Iowa
buried Ponca Cem., Ponca Dixon County, Nebraska
m. Susan Jane Bobier, 11 Mar 1897 Sioux City, Iowa
b. 28 Mar 1878, Lime Grove Dixon Co., Nebraska
d. 12 Apr 1944, Hospital Sioux City, Iowa
buried Ponca Nebraska Cemetery

Helen Margaret Fisher b. 01 Jun 1910 Sioux City Woodbury County, Iowa
d. 12 Sep 1980 Sacramento, California
m. Adolph Leo Meier, 30 Apr 1928, Sioux City, Iowa
b. 29 Mar 1909, Crofton Knox County, Nebraska
d. 20 Sep 1979, Sacramento, California
both buried St. Maryís Cemetery, Sacramento, California

Susan Theresa Meier b 15 Dec 1942, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa
m. 1 Donald Charles Gmeinder
b. 18 Jun 1939, Sioux City, Iowa
two children:

Keith Donald Gmeinder
Donna Sue Gmeinder

m.2 Richard Tillson M. S. W. on 11 Aug 1990, Ashland, Oregon



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