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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 22

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Family History
of Mary Ann Deem Bowry

data contributed by Mary Ann Deem Bowry

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The Coxes, Hulls, and Deems operated farms relatively close to each other, on opposite sides of the Monongahela river, and in neighboring counties.

Eve Ann Cox, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth, married Jacob Deem (Diehm) Sr., son of Johannes and Anna Christina (Bruenig ?). Eve Ann and Jacob moved to, and are buried near, Parkersburg, West Virginia. Jacob died at the ripe old age of 100! Mary Ann Deem Bowry, who has done extensive research and collected so much information, contributed the following details on her lineage.

Michael Cox, Sr.
b. before 1740, Hamburg, Germany (most likely)
d. 24 January 1815, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
m. Elizabeth (Desloch ?) in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (?)

children: Michael, Jacob, Peter, Rosanna, Eve Ann, Elizabeth,
Margaret, Martin, Christine, Joseph

Eve Ann Cox
b. 1767 (listed as aged 83 in 1850 census, not in 1860 census)
d. probably before 1860 in Wood County, (West) Virginia
m. Jacob Deem (veteran of American Revolution, no. S 10522)
b. 9 April 1764, Hagerstown, Frederick County, Maryland
d. 1864, Wood County, (West) Virginia

children: Abraham, Jacob Jr., Peter, Elizabeth, Hiram,
William, Catherine, Juniper, Washington


William Deem
b. 1797 in Pennsylvania
d. 17 April 1885, Slate District, Wood County, West Virginia
m. Nancy Golden, 21 March 1824, Wood County, West Virginia
b. 8 November 1802, Virginia
d. 20 March 1893, Slate District, Wood County, West Virginia

children: Jonathan, Myranda, Sarah, James, Elinor,
Nancy, Michael, William, Washington, Martha

William Alonzo Deem
b. 16 March 1839, Wood County, (West) Virginia
d. 20 May 1916, Wood County, West Virginia
m. Abigail Hanna Deem
b. 6 November 1852; d. 5 January 1940, Wood County, West Virginia
children: Washington, William, Lilly, Lemuel, Grace

Photograph 24:
"Late" Deem

Photograph 25:
Frances Holland


Washington "Late" Deem

Frances Holland




Wedding day photographs taken 12 October 1893

Washington Lafayette "Late" Deem
b. 10 March 1872, Wood County, West Virginia
d. 12 June 1960, Parkersburg, West Virginia
m.1 Frances Holland, 12 Oct 1893, Athens County, Ohio
b. 31 October 1870, Indian Run, Athens County, Ohio
d. 5 April 1937, Wood County, West Virginia

ten children: Clarence, Ada, Nora, Marian, Roland, Walter,
Kermit, Edith, Howard, Elva, Catherie, Stewart

Roxie Butler, 9 January 1942, Parkersburg, West Virginia
b. 1906, Gilmer County, West Virginia
one child: Basil Ray Deem, b. 9 Dec 1944, Wood County, West Virginia

Clarence Cameron Deem
b. 16 July 1894, Mineral Wells, Wood County, West Virginia
d. 7 November 1946, Washington County, Ohio
m.1 Capitola Ruth Dickens, 4 Sept 1915 (sister of the second wife)
b. 2 February 1895, Jackson County, West Virginia
d. 10 April 1921, Parkersburg, West Virginia

children: Howard and Kathleen

Viola Pickens Rice, 27 June 1924 (sister of the first wife)
b. 20 November 1897, Jackson County, West Virginia
d. 1 December 1982, Parkersburg, West Virginia

children: Boyd, Viola, Doris, Mary Ann, Lloyd


Mary Ann Deem
b. 26 November 1931, Parkersburg, West Virginia
m. Billy Gene Bowry, 27 January 1950
b. 20 July 1930, Mineral Wells, West Virginia
five children:

Judith Dianne Bowry, b. 31 Dec 1953,
m. 23 Jun 1973 Robert S. Modesitt
2 children, 1 grandchild

Janeen Lynn Bowry, b. 21 Nov 1957
m. 14 Oct 1979 David W. Barrett
1 daughter

Joan Dale Bowry, b. 17 April 1959
m1 Timothy L. Jones,
mē David L. Florence
2 daughters

Rick Cameron Bowry, b. 30 Jan 1961
m. Lula Jane Nelson (no children)

Jill Lorraine Bowry, b. 2 Dec 1963
m. 22 June 1984 Matthew W. Sams
three daughters and two sons

Mary Ann Deem Bowry
Photograph 27:
Mary Ann Deem Bowry


Bowry Children

Photograph 26: The Bowry Kids
front: Rick, Janeen, Joan
back: Dianne and Jill




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