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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 23

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Bowry Family Data

by Mary Ann Deem Bowry

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Bill and I went to high school together having met at a Halloween Party shortly before my dad died in 1946. We graduated from high school in 1949 with Bill playing sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. He was the "first player" chosen to participate in the West Virginia North-South baseball game in 1949. His military service took him to Korea for one year tour of duty and he obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Air Force.

After returning home, he was employed at E. I. du Pont as a production foreman with 34 years of employment before retirement.

Several years ago, we purchased a farm consisting of 73 acres at Torch, Athens County, Ohio, where we raised cattle and spent our summers at the old 100-year-old farm house-moving back to Parkersburg in the winter so our children could attend Wood County schools. Bill and our son Rick continue to have cattle on the farm even today.

My life has been one with many challenges. Our children five in number, were always active with sports, cheer leading, baton twirling, modeling, dance and kept me busy sewing, transporting and keeping together an active brood. Our four daughters, Dianne, Jan, Joan, and Jill (known as the Bowry Brats) were state champions in baton twirling.

With all the children in school during the day, one of my friends suggested I might like to volunteer at a health care facility. This volunteerism led to my continued schooling in the arena of health care. First, I took a class in nurses-aide training at Parkersburg Community College which I found was so much fun I continued classes and in two years I received two degrees, I was the first graduate at the Institute of Gerontology in May, 1977 and Social Services Tech in June 1977, with honors-Magna Cum Laude. Parkersburg Community college has now become West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

After graduating, I was asked to join the staff of the same health care facility where I had spent several years volunteering. During my employment, my administrator trained me in every aspect of health care-one year in training-and I took a state and federal exam to become a licensed health care administrator: License No. 219.

I continued to work as a social worker, assisting activities, and initiated several programs that continue even today. One such program is the uniting of local health care residents in participating in a sternwheel ride around our Blennerhassett historical Island.

Again, back in school at Glenville State College, I received my Bachelor of Arts graduating in 1981. 1 became employed at the Willows in Parkersburg with the Glen-Mark Corp. After three years at that facility, I transferred to another Glen-Mark facility at Sistersville, WV. Traveling over 75 miles per day for six years, I was the Administrator of Care Haven of Sistersville, Tyler County, WV with a capacity of 66 beds. Our facility was awarded several citations by the company and the state for our excellent care.

Due to Bill's illnesses, I retired from Care Haven; however, retirement was not in the cards. After two months retirement, I became a consultant and social worker at a facility in Harrisville, Ritchie County, WV. On the road again, traveling 36.8 miles one way, I was back in the business of caring for our elderly population.

After finding a competent replacement for my job, I was retiring again. And again, I was able to get back to my genealogy and the love of my life.

During August, 1998 and June, 1999, 1 maintained the office of two businesses owned by our third daughter. These two businesses have been quite a challenge and completely different than health care. Their businesses have been in hauling fly ash, dirt, rocks, gravel, etc. I intend to go back to assist them as soon as school starts.

Bill and I have a white toy poodle named Hillary who keeps us active.

I belong to several historical societies, including the James Wood Chapter of the American Revolution, and continue to volunteer for the Sheltered Workshop of Wood County. Our grandchildren - ten- and our one great grand daughter are very active, and as grandparents we support their activities.


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