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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 3: Chapter 27

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Christine Cox & Henry Hull

data compiled by Robert E. Hull

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Robert Hullís data was compiled in 1990. We thank him for generously sharing his data with us. We have eliminated numerous abbreviations in the original text of this subchapter, by Robert E. Hull. Abbreviations that remain are: M=male, F=female, Twp=township, pb=probaby born (?), pd=probably died (?). As for other sections of this book, we scanned and edited Robertís pages, but the scanning produced a great number of errors. Despite our best efforts, we regret that some errors may remain, and we do apologize.

Henry HULL (1774 to 1861) & Christinia COX (1776 to 1859)

1774, 19 Nov. Henry HULL born in Pennsylvania probably modern Washington Co., Pennsylvania son of John HULL and Rebecca (date from gravestone inscription, place from 1850 census).

1776, 10 June. Christinia COX born in Pennsylvania probably Fayette Co., Pennsylvania daughter of Michael COX and Elizabeth of Luzerne Twp, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania (date from gravestone, place from 1850 census).

1782, Henry HULL a possible signer of a petition to form a new state, along. with John HULL and George HULL (Helen L. Harriss, Two Lists of Early Residents in Southwestern Pennsylvania: Signers of a Petition to Form a new State, p 10). If this was the same Henry HULL, due to his age this obviously would be an attempt by someone to get an extra signature on the petition-REH.

1794, circa. Henry HULL m. Christinia COX probably either in Fallowfield Twp, Washington Co., Pennsylvania or in Luzerne Twp, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania (speculation REH).

1795, circa. Son John born in Washington Co., Pennsylvania.

1798, 2 March, son Joseph born in Pennsylvania.

1800, Henry HULL appears in Fallowfield Twp., Washington Co., Pennsylvania federal census (p 44):
3 M under 10, 1 M 10-16, 1 M 26-45, 1 F under 10, 1 F 26-45

1801, 14 September Deed (DB 1-Q, p 593) made in Washington Co., Pennsylvania. John & Rebecca HULL sold 49 Ĺ acres on Pigeon Creek for $20 to son Henry HULL. Rec 23 Nov 1801.

1802, circa. Son Hiram born in Pennsylvania.

1805 circa. Son Martin born in Pennsylvania.

1809 circa. Daughter Margaret born in Pennsylvania.

1812, circa. Henry HULL on friendly terms with Wyandot Indians, who were living in a camp in the center of Section 20 (Norman Hill, History of Coshocton County Ohio, published 1881, p. 581).

1812, 26 Aug. Henry HULL and brother-in-law Martin COX (Martin m Rebecca HULL) were volunteers in 2 Bn, 2 Regt, 4 Bde, 3 Div in Ohio Militia. Unit defended Mansfield frontiers under command of Captain William Beard

1813, 20 Apr. Daughter Alvira born in Ohio.

1815, 4 Feb. Son Henry H. born in Coshocton Co., Ohio.

1820, Henry HULL in Perry Twp, Coshocton Co., Ohio federal census:
2 M under 10, 2 M 10-16, 1 M 16-26, 1 M 45 and over,
2 F under 10, 1F 16-26, 1 F 45 and over.

1850, Henry HULL in Harrison Twp, Knox Co., Ohio federal census:

HULL, Henry 76 b. Pennsylvania farmer real estate $5000

Christina 75 b. Pennsylvania

Henry 35 b. Ohio farmer

Alvira 36 b. Ohio

JENKINS, Augustus 18 b. Ohio

HULL, Henry 16 b. Ohio farmer

FILLMORE, Hannah 11 b. Ohio school

1859, before. Henry and Christinia moved to DeKalb Co., Indiana, probably to be near children Hiram, Martin, Margaret, Alvira and Henry, who earlier moved to that county. Henry and Christinia taken care of by daughter Alvira, who did not marry until 1863. Hiram and Louisa HULL moved to DeKalb Co., Indiana. in 1851 (David Boatman, Hull Family Register, p l66). John & Margaret (HULL) JENKINS moved to DeKalb Co., Indiana ca 1845 (HFR, p. 166). Henry H. HULL moved to DeKalb Co., Indiana. in 1851 (HFR, p 167).

1859, 11 June. Christinia died in DeKalb Co., Indiana.

1859, June. Christinia buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Newville, DeKalb Co., Indiana.

1860, Henry HULL appears in Concord Twp. DeKalb Co., Indiana federal census:

HULL, Henry 86 farmer $3500 real estate, b. Pa.

$375 personal estate

Alvira 43 b Ohio

1861, 20 Jan. Henry died in DeKalb Co., Indiana.

1861, Jan. Henry buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Newville DeKalb Co., Indiana.

Source for most data: Bette H. Jenkins


1806 a Henry HULL appears in Trumbull Co., Ohio tax list, p. 79.

1807 " p. 25

1808 " p. 21

1809 " p 45

1810 " p. 26

1820 " p. 252

Michael COX Jr. (brother of Christinia COX) born circa 1760, died 14 Jan 1832,
West Liberty, Ohio Co., Virginia, buried Ohio Co., Virginia


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