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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 4: Scrambling Back Up the Wagon

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Clickable Menu of Chapters in Part 4

  1. Magdalin & Peter Cox, son of Elizabeth & Michael Sr.
  2. Deed on Peter's Farm
  3. Jacob Cox & Jane Denman, son of Magdalin & Peter
  4. Obituaries of Jacob Cox and Samuel Denman Cox
  5. Reminiscences of Jacob Cox
  6. Deeds of Jacob Cox
  7. Last Will & Testament of Jacob Cox
  8. Census & Cemetery Records
  9. William Newton Cox I & Ellen Adams, son of Jane & Jacob
  10. Wayne County, Ohio Marriage Records
  11. Wayne County, Ohio Birth & Death Records
  12. Texas Probated Birth Certificate for Edward Vaught
  13. Celestial "Lizzie" Cox Vaught, daughter of William Newton Cox I
  14. Descendants of Celestial "Lizzie" Cox and Otho Vaught
  15. Genealogy of Lizzie Cox and Otho Vaught
  16. Johan Paulas Vogt and descendants
  17. William Newton Cox II, & Frona Ann Maxwell,
    son of William Newton Cox I
  18. Ellis Family History
  19. Birth Certificates for:
    Claudie Verble Cox and for Will N. Cox (III)
  20. Jewel Harper Cox
  21. Marvin Wesley Cox & Devota Hanks, son of William Newton Cox II
  22. Memories of Marvin and Devota Cox
  23. Family History of Ina Gene Edwards
  24. A Charlie Cox Family Story
  25. Family History of Anna Devota Hanks
  26. Hanks Family Line
  27. Goodbody Family Line
  28. My Grandfather, Bill Cox, (by Mary Kimball)
  29. Me and my Bunch
  30. Experiences that Last Forever

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