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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 4: Chapter 3

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Jacob Cox & Jane Denman
(son of Peter Cox)

by Kenny Ray Cox

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When I went into the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster, Ohio and told the librarian what I needed, she began to grab books and dig in the files. I had information so fast that my head was buzzing. She insisted that I also go to the Courthouse that very day. After all the years of searching for family history on William Newtonís family, my dream of putting the family story together was finally being realized.

Iíll start with the will of Jacob Cox. Unfortunately, the exact date that it was written is not clear on my copy. The will clearly shows William Newton as his son. It states: "My son Newton to have $100.00 and all obligations that I hold against him for taking care of me during my life. Should he fail, the estate will be divided equally."

By March of 1885, at his death, Jacob had gotten rid of all his belongings except for a stove and bookcase, and had rented out his farm. Executors paid Jacob A. White for a yearís boarding for Jacob. This must mean that between June of 1880 and March of 1884, Newton had left his father.

On the application to Probate the will, Newton is in Chautauqua County, Kansas. By April of 1886, executors have collected notes (owed) from heirs, stating Will N. owed $179.85. All accounts show heirs receiving equal amounts, so Newton obviously didnít stay with Jacob in the last year of his life.

It would be interesting to know how Jacob based his interest on his childrenís notes. Alpheus seems to have owed the largest amounts as Seiberling & Cox does the collecting. He is supposedly in Doylestown, not far from Wooster. Why didnít he collect it himself? Perhaps he also owed this company money.

Jacob may have owned several pieces of property. On April 1, 1886, $2000.00 was collected on real estate. On April 1, 1887, another $3000.00 was paid on Jacobís estate. On April 2, 1888, $4270.75 was paid. This could mean a payment was made annually for three years on one piece or payments could have been made separately.

I was able to read a few newspapers while in the Wayne county Library. I found Jacobís obituary (click here to go to Jacob's obiturary) and his story in the Wayne County History Book. He had lived in Wayne county on the same land since his early teens. He married Jane Denman, of Ten-Mile, Washington County, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1823. They celebrated their fifty year anniversary. Jane died the 18th day of April 1874. They raised eight of their own children. He had financially supported his church and stated that any monies left of his estate go to the Baptist Mission Society. Perhaps William Newton and Ellen Loretta became missionaries.

Looking at the census records, Jacob probably took care of his father, in his final years. If that was Peter living with him in 1830 and 40, where did he bury Peter? Iíve searched surrounding counties and didnít find any clue. He must have buried him on the farm. Why isnít there a tombstone? Some Denman children were living with Jacob in 1850-1870, probably his wifeís siblings. Newton lived with his father about 39 years (with wives and children). This tells us that Jacob raised a great many children during his lifetime.

Jacob had two sons in the Civil War. I talked to a gentleman in Wooster, who told me that Alpheus had served, but Iíve never located this information. Jacob Freeman Cox served. 10-8-1862 to 7-17-1863 with NSN Army 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He died of cirrhosis of the liver on 23 June 1880. Also serving was William Newton Cox (#1), my great-grandfather.


Children of Rebecca Jane Denman & Jacob Cox

children of Rebecca & Jacob Cox


Children and grandchildren of Rebecca Jane Denman & Jacob Cox

1. Elisha D. Cox,
born 20 Mar 1825; died 03 May 1901.

m.1 Sarah Ann Tanner on 10 Feb. 1848
b. 1824; d. 11 Apr 1851.

m≤ Margaret Eckert on 27 Feb. 1853;
She was born 5 Mar 1830 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany, to Peter Eckard and Margaret Hartman.

Eli and Margaret lived in Corona (Corunna), Indiana. They were Baptists. Elisha figures in the 1885 probate records of Jacob Cox. He was a blacksmith and a farmer. Margaret lived her final years with daughter, Margaret Jane Clinesmith, in Angola, Indiana.

Eli and Margaret had nine children:

Eli Cox and family
Photograph 30: Eli Cox and family
Eli and Margaret are front center,
children not identified.

1. Mary Ellen Cox, b. 5 Feb. 1855; d. 23 Dec 1862

2. Margaret Jane Cox, b. 25 May 1857; d. (unknown)
m. 11 Apr 1878 Jacob Clinesmith, b. 16 Jul 1851; d. (unknown)
their daughter was named Elta, b. 04 Jul 1882, d. 13 Jul 1889.

3. William Franklin Cox, b. 30 Apr 1859; m. 23 Feb. 1887 to Margaret Brown b. 6 Jun 1866 in New York. They were Presbyterians and lived in Graham Co. Kansas, Washington Co. Kansas, Clay Co. Kansas, and Indian Territory for six years. They had two children who died young; and one daughter: Mary Margaret Cox, b. 18 Jan 1893 in Clay Co., Kansas.

4. Anna Cox, b. 4 Mar 1861; m. 5 Mar 1882 James R. Frederick, b. 11 July 1854. They lived in Kendallville, were Methodists and Republicans. He was a carpenter. Child b. & d. 27 Mar 1889; Zella Frederick b. 18 Jan 1891.

5. Cora Etta Cox, b. 18 Jul 1863; m. 5 Oct 1883 George Clinesmith, b. 1857 in Steuben Co. IN. Their children were: Archie G. Clinesmith, b. 10 Mar 1885, d. 17 Mar 1885; Birtie May Clinesmith, b. 25 Jun 1889; Jacob Henry Clinesmith, b. 27 Mar 1891; and Nina J. Clinesmith, b. 15 May 1898.

6. Jacob Peter Cox, b. 17 Apr 1866 (no other information).

7. Hiram Biff Cox, b. 15 Mar 1868; m. 17 Mar 1892, Ida R. Hovarter, b. 08 May 1871. (Direct ancestors of John M. Cox, Tucson, AZ who has done considerable research).

8. John Fuller Cox, b. 14 Apr 1870; d. 11 Nov 1880

9. Oren Wesley Cox, b. 26 Aug 1873; m. 18 Mar 1902 to May Adeline Holman b. 20 Feb. 1878 Lebanon, Boone Co., Indiana. Oren was a painter, a Republican, and member of the Church of Christ. Their three children were: Bulah Cox; Francis Cox, b. 3 Feb. 1903; d. 25 Jul 1905; Raymond Wesley Cox, 11 Sep 1906 Vester, Kansas.


2. Suzanna Cox, b. ca 1829 (1850 census); d. unknown, lived in Corunna (formerly spelled Corona) in 1885 and Kendalville Indiana, 1908; m. Sebastian Echart (spelled with final d or t).
One child: Elizabeth L. Echard.

3. Jacob Freeman Cox, b. 1831; d. 23 Jun 1880 Wayne County, Civil War Veteran;
m. Mary E. Slusser, 29 Dec 1863, divorced.
They had one son, Robert Cox (he later changed his name to Robert Slusser)

4. Andrew Cox, b. ca 1833; d unknown. Lived in Corona (Corunna) in 1885 and Kendalville, Indiana in 1908.
Listed in History of De Kalb County, Indiana 1885, p. 727.

5. Rebecca Jane Cox, b. ca 1836; d unknown; lived in Dalton Ohio 1908.
m. Wesley D. Harper on 27 Dec 1860.

6. Alpheus Cox, b. ca 1838; d. unknown, lived Doylestown Ohio 1885, and Wadsworth Ohio 1908;
m. Mary Crozier.
Their ony child was:

Oliver Cox b. 14 May 1870 Wayne County, Ohio;
m. Dora Fritz.
This couple had three children:
     1. Edith Cleo Cox
b. 04 Oct 1894
     2. Thelma Mary Cox
b. 15 May 1898
     3. Ruth Eleendale Cox
b. 04 Oct 1901

7. Samuel Denman Cox, b. 01 Jun 1842 Wayne County, Ohio; d. 17 Jan 1908, Ashtabula, Ohio
(click here to go to Samuel's obituary)
m. Catherine Ann Masters
Their five children were:

1. Melvin E. Cox (lived in Cleveland, Ohio 1908)
2. Norval H. Cox b. 11 Nov 1870, lived in Cleveland, Ohio in 1908)
3. Clarence Wesley Cox (lived in Cleveland, Ohio in 1908)
4. Orissa Estella Cox, m. A. C. Newman, lived in Albion, PA
5. Pearl C. Cox, lived in parentsí home in 1908

8. William Newton Cox, b. ca 1845 Wayne Co., Ohio; death still unknown. He was in Chautauqua, Kansas in 1885, Bonham, Texas in 1890 and Mannsville, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in 1896.
m.1 Caroline Broadback, b. ca 1850; d. 30 May 1874.
Two daughters:

1. Laura M. Cox, b. 06 Feb. 1871; d. (unknown)
2. Amanda E. Cox, b. 25 Mar 1873; d. (unknown)

m.2 Ellen Adams, b. ca 1854 Cumberland Co., Illinois; death unknown.
Five children:

1. Lydia Ursula Cox
b. 02 Mar 1876 in Wayne Co., Ohio
d. (unknown)
2. Alethia Barty Cox
b. 06 Mar 1878 in Wayne Co., Ohio
d. (unknown)
3. Celestial Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Cox
b. 06 Feb. 1880 in Wayne Co., Ohio
d. 18 Feb. 1956 Sherman, Texas
4. William Newton Cox
b. 12 Mar 1882, may have been born in Ohio or more likely at Blue, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
d. 26 Mar 1966 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
5. Major Cox
b. (unknown, perhaps May 1884 in Ohio
d. between 1906 and 1910 drowned Eufaula, Okla. (?)
(perhaps buried at Deeres Chapel Cemetery, 5 miles west of Eufaula).

9. Mary Ann Cox, b. 14 Mar 1851; d. 27 Jan 1852



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