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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 4: Chapter 10

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Wayne County, Ohio
Marriage Records

by Kenny Ray Cox

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Let us start with the 1875 marriage license for the ill-fated couple, William and Ellen. Notice the error in the far right column. It was not Jacob who was joined to Ellen in holy matrimony, but his son William. Other Wayne County marriages for Cox folk figure below. Birth and death records for the Coxes appear in the next chapter of this website.  


Transcription of the above marriage license:

William N. Cox


Ellen Adams


Issued the 31st
day of July
A.D. 1875 to the above named


The State of Ohio,

Jacob Cox
having made application for a LICENSE for
William N. Cox and
Ellen Adams and being duly
sworn, says that he is of the age of 21 years
and has no wife living; and
that She is of the age
of 15 years
resident of said County, and has no husband living, and that said parties are no closer kin than
second cousins

Jacob Cox
Sworn to and ________ before me this 31st
day of July A.D. 1875

Jos. H. D[owning]
[District] Judge


The State of Ohio
Wayne County

I do hereby certify
Mr. Jacob Cox [William Cox]
Miss Ellen Adams

were joined in Marriage by me
5 day of Aug.
AD 1875
Rev. Emanuel F_____

Filed and recorded on this ___
day of August 1875

Jos. H. D_______
[District] Judge

Other marriages of Coxes
in the records of Wayne County Ohio, Public Library

Alpheus Cox Mary Crozier 26 Sept 1861
Catherine Cox John Stout 16 Jan 1823
David Cox Mary Ann Munn 13 Nov 1845
Eli Cox Margaret Eckert 27 Feb 1853
Eliza Cox John T. Richard 24 Dec 1842
Maria Cox Solomon Vanmeter 19 Oct 1842
Mary Cox Thomas Lamb 10 Aug 1824
Mary Ann Cox Jacob Nagles 29 Mar 1838
Mary Ann Cox Stephen Hall 05 Nov 1866
Rebecca Jane Cox W. D. Harper 27 Dec 1860
Samuel D. Cox Catherine Masters 07 Dec 1866
Sarah Cox John Pearce 01 Mar 1827
Stewart Cox Ann Garretson 09 Nov 1824
Teresa Cox Joseph Vanmeter 24 Jul 1853
Willliam Cox Margaret Beal [Beall] 05 Nov 1832



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