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Cox Characters
Conclusions to Confusions

Part 4: Chapter 15

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Genealogy of Lizzie Cox
and Otho Vaught

by Margie Scalley Vaught

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Thanks for allowing me to contribute to your book. I’d like to write one called "Oh, my darling Valentine," after our ancestor, Valentine Vaught. The Vaught Association has several books out, notably: There was a Gasper in the Family, The Oxcarts Through the Cumberland Gap.

I’ve been doing research on the Vaught line for over ten years now. I have traced them back to the original Johan Paulas Vogt, born 1680 in Thalfang Village, Luckenberg, Germany. Now I want to head to Germany to find out more.

We only knew of Major Cox and a William Cox. (Okay, they just told me that there was a William Cox, but I always thought they were one in the same.)

Photograph 34:
Margie Scalley Vaught

I have many pictures of Lizzie and her children. We have looked for Lizzie’s parents for over 10 years. I come from Otho and Lizzie’s son Jesse James. Technically, I am an "out-law" or "in-law" Vaught. Let’s see, Jesse married Willie Mae Adams and they had a son Charles Otho, who had a son James Otho Vaught—that’s my hubby, so I am an grand-daughter-in-law to Jesse James. My maiden name is Scalley and I have worked on that line, but like the Cox’s line, it stops at my great-grandfather Thomas Scalley.

James and I have four children, our oldest boy turned. 20 in August 2000, a daughter 18 studying marine biology in Hawaii, another daughter 15, and then the big surprise came last year (in 1999): another little girl!

Otho Vaught had one brother, Walter, and four sisters, Corda (boy there are stories about her! It seems she had a chicken ranch – both types!); Ida, Nora, and Annie T. Their mother, Otho D. Vaught's wife, was Annie Boon Spiers from Kentucky.

I have copies of their father’s Civil War papers and even got to see the originals once when I was in Washington DC on business. Otho’s father appears in an Adjutant General's report of Roll of Company "C" Ninth Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry. It reads: "Otho D Vaughte, Rank Private, Enrolled Aug 21, 1862, Mustered in when Oct 28, 1862, where New Market, Kentucky, period. 1 year, Mustered out when Sept 11, 1863 where Eminence, Kentucky."

I also have copies of Jessie James Vaught's honorable discharge papers, obituary notices on Jesse James Vaught, William Newton Vaught, Edward Vaught and his wife, Geraldine Vaught Jackson, death certificates on Jesse James Vaught, William Newton Vaught, Edward Vaught, Lizzie Vaught, Otho Vaught, a letter from Lois Vaught, William Newton's wife, plus some pedigree charts and ancestor's charts, descendant charts and family group sheets.

This is what I have found on Corda. She had a chicken ranch (and brothel). She was not a very nice lady, I have been told. Myrtle said that they used to pray that she would find God before she died. There is also a story that she killed Dr. McCrary whom she had married. The night he was found killed, a big diamond was missing from the jewelry store and Corda was gone. Shortly thereafter, she purchased a house and farm in Texas.

According to family information, Corda Vaught married a Dr. John H. McCrary and had a boarding house in Anadarko, Oklahoma. I found on the 1900 Soundex for Indian Territory living with John H. McCrary, age 30 with no children in the Choctaw Nation area. I then found Corda living in Galveston, Texas. I have an old picture of her in front of a house numbered 820 Avenue D. I looked through old Galveston phone books and found that in 1919 the house was owned by Kappa Pi Fraternity. In 1920, it was owned by a J. E. Rumsey, but 1922 gives no listing. Then in 1923, it shows McCrary Corda Mrs. as owner of the building. In 1924-25 listed McCrary, Corda (Wid John H.) Furnished Rooms. The 1926-27 phone book also shows this; but in 1928-29 it shows that a Harry Holcombe was living there and does not say "ROOMS FOR RENT."

I found out that she married this Harry Holcombe in August 1927. In 1930, they were both listed at that address, however it says Corda McCrary in 1932. Harry is gone and now listing McCrary Corda (Wid. J. H.) until 1935.

And now on to the ancestors! We’ll begin with the immigrant Johan Paulas Vogt, whose name was anglicized to Vaught once he reached American shores.




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