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Cox Characters
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Part 4: Chapter 16

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Johan Paulas Vogt and descendants

by Margie Scalley Vaught

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born 1680 Luckenburg, Germany (near Frankfurt), died. 1761 Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. John Paul came to Virginia in 1733 with his wife MARIA CATHERINA, also known as Catherina Margaret. They were married between 1704 and. 1714, probably in 1705. Their children were: Catherina Margaret, Mary Catherine, John Andrew, and John Casper.

They came to America on the "Charming Betty" that originated out of London, England, John Ball, Master. It arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 11 Oct 1733. On board were Johan Vogt 53, Andreas Vogt 12, Casper Vogt 8, Maria Vogt 46, Catheria Vogt 18, Maria Vogt 16, (Source: Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. 42 pp. 135-136).

By 1735, John owned land in the northern neck of Virginia in what then was Orange Co., Virginia. Much of the land in the great fork between the Rappahannock and Rapidan rivers today in Madison and Culpepper counties. John Paul Vogt’s patent was for 640 acres and was recorded in January 1735. Today this land is in Madison County near the Culpepper County line. In July and October of 1744, John Paul Vogt bought land in the Massanutten Mountain area in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley of David Logan. He added more land in 1745. John Paul Vogt died on this land near the Shenandoah River in 1761. At that time, Orange County had been divided, and this land was now in Augusta County. Today, this same land is in Rockingham County.

His will was dated 9 Oct 1759, proved. 18 Aug 1761. His will named sons: Andrew and Gasper and a daughter who had married Christian Clements.

Andrew Vaught married Elizabeth (?) in Orange County, Virginia most likely in 1741 1742 or 1743. John Andrew Vaught was assignee of John Parkes for 600 acres at the head of Reed Creek, surveyed in 1753 and. 1754. Andrew was to pay interest on the land in 1762. Andrew sold land in the Peaked Mt. area to his brother Gasper in 1762, then more in 1768. By 1772, the Vaught name appears on militia lists from southwest Virginia. Most records for Andrew and his sons are from the Wythe County area. In 1770, Reed Creek and Cripple Creek were in Botetourt County. By 1772, it was Fincastle County, and in 1777 the area was in Montgomery County. In 1790, their land was in Wythe County and some Vaughts lived just across the new county line in Smyth County that was formed in 1832. The old records are hard to be for sure just which sons and daughters belonged to which sons of John Paul Vaught. There was an Andrew senior and an Andrew junior, however, who were most likely father and son. Other names of Vaught men were: George, John, Gasper, Christian, David and Henry.

Andrew Vaught probably died about 1787 in Montgomery County, Virginia if we understand the land division records correctly. Many of the Vaughts remained loyalists during the Revolution. At their trial John and David were released on their own good behavior. Andrew Vaught of Cripple Creek was included in this group by the testimony of Peter Kinder of 17 August 1780 (Andrew Jr., most likely). John and David were fined. 1,000 pounds each, which may explain why they left for Kentucky!

Information in the book There Was A Gasper In The Family tells us that Gasper married Elizabeth Butcher in 1773 in Fincastle County, Virginia and they went to Pulaski County, Kentucky in 1809. He was recorded as Jasper and Casper in Kentucky records. They moved from land that was in both Wythe and Smyth Counties of Virginia to land on both sides of Pitman Creek in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Gasper paid $1,100 to Robertson Burge for this land.

Elizabeth died in 1821 or 1822. Gasper died in 1830. All their children were born in Virginia.

Catherine married Michael Creagar 16 June 1795 in Wythe County, Virginia. Another possible daughter was Barbara who married George Goodman in 1798. The other children of Gasper and Elizabeth are listed in the Kimberling Church Baptismal records that include John Vaught who married first Patsy Newby in 1814 and secondly Nancy White 24 Nov 1818 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

John Vaught married Patsy Newby in 1814 and Nancy White 24 Nov 1818 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. The book, There Was A Gasper In The Family has a lot of information about this family, but we have yet to find a copy of it. The writers found church records of Kimbereling Church, old letters, county records, census records, and cemetery records. These apparently include a son, Valentine who was the grandfather of the Otho Vaught who married Lizzie Cox.

Valentine Vaught appears as the head of a household on the 1840 census of Owen County, Kentucky age 20/30. With him are two teenage boys and a lady 20/30. These boys may have been brothers or cousins. Valentine married. 17 Dec 1839 to Elizabeth Williams who was much older than he was. In 1850, it was Elizabeth who was the head of the house, age 46, with three younguns: Otho 11, Henry 5, and Sara 2. Valentine was 30 and a stonecutter. The 1860 census shows Elizabeth 54, Frederick 17, William H. 15, and Sara 11. Perhaps Valentine and Otho had both left to join the service.

Another peculiar item is that Frederick was left off the 1850 census. By 1870, William Henry Vaught had married, had had three kids and was the operator of the Owen Hotel and Saloon. Living at the hotel was his mother, Eliza 56, and his sister Sara 22. So far, we have not found Valentine, Otho, or Frederick on any 1870 census. The Civil War records of Otho D. Vaught have been found, however, and show that he served two one-year hitches in the Civil War with a year separating them.

The 1900 census gives the name "Fred" as the father of the Otho who married Lizzie Cox but the death certificate of this Otho states that his father was Otho D. So, will the real father of the Otho that married Lizzie Cox please stand up and tell us – Did you have a brother named Frederick? What happened to him? What happened to Valentine? Where were you guys in 1870?

Otho married Annie Boon Spiers 31 March 1868 in Louisville, Kentucky. They soon went to northern part of Missouri where Corda was born 15 Sep 1869 and Otho was born 14 May 1871. The exact place these two were born has not been ascertained. They should be on an 1870 census report, but if they are, we can not find them. There were other children but we know only of Walter who was born 27 March 1887 in Grayson County, Texas.

Corda married first to a Dr. John H McCrary about 1890. After he died, she married Harry Holcomb in Galveston, Texas. It seems she never had any children.

Walter Vaught was born with a club foot. Walter was living with his brother Otho in 1900 on the north side of the South Canadian River at Eufaula, Creek Nation of Indian Territory. Walter married Maggie Ransom 8 Aug 1908. She was related to the town marshal who tossed Walter in the pokey on more than one occasion for his antics while drinking. Walter is buried next to his father, Otho D. Vaught in the Greenwood Cemetery at Eufaula, Oklahoma.

Otho married Lizzie Cox, whose complete name was Celestial Elizabeth Cox, on 15 Feb. 1897, resident of Boggy Depot, Atoka County, Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory. They had 14 children, one named for her dad and younger brother: William Newton Cox. Lizzie was born near Dalton, Wayne County, Ohio on 6 February 1880.


Descendants of Johan Paulus Vogt

Vaught genealogy chart

Bertha Vaught born 26 Nov 1898

When Bertha was the age of six or so the family was shelling corn and had a tub sitting in the middle of the floor. Bertha ran by and grabbed a handful and put it in her mouth and ran sucking the corn down her throat. She choked to death. (I have also heard it was a corn cob that got logged in her throat.)

Johnnie Vaught (male) born 2 Sept 1899

This child’s information was obtained from Geraldine’s personal papers that her husband copied and sent to us. These are things that she had kept for years, he stated. This child died young.

Edward Vaught born 2 August 1902

Ed married a Jewell Dial around. 1925 and had two sons; Edward L., and Leonard. Leonard was two years old when Jesse Vaught and Willie Mae Adams married. Leonard was the oldest of the two boys and he went into the service, W.W.II, and was a prisoner of war for four to five years.

Edward and Jewell lived in Monkstown.

He died. 22 June 1976 and was buried. 24 June 1976 in the West Hill Cemetery, in Sherman, Texas. The funeral home there sent me both his information and his ex-wife’s. I am not sure when they divorced, however, they are buried close together.

Jesse James Vaught born 1 July 1904

Jesse joined W.W.I and served for a time in Lawton, Oklahoma and was some sort of a cannon man. His regiment was the 18th Field Artillery. We have pictures of him loading the cannons. This is where he damaged his eardrums. He was also the barber for the company. He also was a blacksmith for his company. Apparently his eardrums burst from this type of work. He died 5 April 1937 from otitis menigitis. Jesse is buried in the Newcastle Cemetery.

Jesse married Willie Mae Adams 19 June 1926 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas. They had two children, Charles Otho Vaughtand Mary Frances Vaught. All the family calls Willie Mae "Goodmama." For her 90th birthday all she wanted to do was go fishing and dancing. Willie Mae remembers William Newton and wife Fronie Cox, and I will try to get some of those stories as well. I have pictures of the house they lived in Indian Territory.

Myrtle Vaught born 1 June 1905

Myrtle married a Henry Wiley Brians who was about 21 years older than her. Otho, her father, told her to never bring him to his house and she didn’t. Henry kept bees out in the yard close to the house, Mary (Jesse’s daughter) had long hair and the bees would get in her hair. He was real patient with her. Henry and Myrtle lived in Monkstown, where he died.

Myrtle moved to Bonham, living there until she was in a real bad car wreak, then lived in nursing homes in Bonham and Sherman, for many years. We visited with her in 1994. She had memories of her early childhood, and at times she would lapse into tears.

She remembered an Uncle Willie that was her mother’s brother. She talked about being the oldest daughter and having to take care of the twins. She stated that her brothers called her "Baby" and would bribe her with nickels to not tell that they were into the whiskey. She stated that when she got older they had to bribe her with sharing the whiskey with her.

She did not know that some of her brothers were dead. When I talked about it she would cry and say that someone was playing a joke on her and told her that they were dead but she knew it was not true. She said that they would pray all the time that Allene would find God as she was always in trouble and was "not a good girl."

She also said that her dad was mean at times and would beat them with his belt. She said that he drank too much and her mother would just wait for him to drink too much and pass out. Apparently, Lizzie protected the children from Otho’s mean streak as much as possible.

The bottom photo is Myrtle when I visited with her in 1994 while she was at a Sherman Nursing Home. I have since been told that she has passed away. I need to get a copy of her death register from Sherman, Texas to get the actual date.



Photograph 35:
Myrtle Vaught
and her twin sisters
(photo 1919)

Photograph 36:
Myrtle Vaught Brians

(photo 1994)

William "Bill" Newton Vaught born 8 Jan 1908

Bill married Lois Lynch on 25 March 1934 in Young County, Texas and they had been married almost 60 years when he died. They had two daughters: Betty and Joyce. Bill was a well-known home builder in Lubbock, Texas for over 40 years during the 1950s - 1980s, recognized for his expertise in built-in custom cabinetry and woodwork. Bill died 6 January 1994 and was buried 8 January 1994 in the Lubbock Cemetery.

His wife Lois is still alive, and was last reported living in Albuquerque, New Mexico near their daughters, Betty Van Meter and Joyce Giles.


Photograph 37:
William Newton Vaught


Otho J. Vaught born 1909

He was listed on the 1910 Census but did not make it to the 1920 census. This child makes sense as it carries on the "Otho" name that has come down from Valentine and Eliza Williams Vaught. But apparently this name comes from the Williams family and not the Vaught family. I have not found any other Othos in the Vaught line all the way back to the original VOGT that came from Germany. However, Eliza had a nephew (or something like that) by the name of Otho Williams, and this must be where it came from. Willie Mae stated that she never heard them speak of him except to say that they had a baby boy that died.

Henry Vaught born 1 Sept 1910

I don’t have much information on Henry other than that he married a Marie and is still alive. They had one daughter.

Howard Vaught born 27 Feb. 1912

I think that Howard is the one that for many years owned a bar of some sort. We have a picture of him in the bar. I was able to locate most of his information from the Social Security index and found that he died in July 1973 in Dallas, Texas. He was buried in Samuels Cemetery. I have that he married an Eleanor and had a son named Dwayne.

Female Child Vaught born 27 Feb. 1912

This information comes from Geraldine’s papers. It looks like this baby was a twin to Howard. It shows that she died March 1912 and was buried in Deere’s Chapel, Oklahoma. I have not done any research on this child other than to place her in the family. I don’t know whether it is possible that she might be another Vaught’s child. Willie Mae again did not know about this child, however, she stated that the Vaughts were very closed-mouth people.

Vern Vale Vaught born 17 March 1914

Vern is still alive and living in Sherman, Texas. He is the one that supposedly has a picture of Otho in his wallet. He married a lady named Jewel, but that is all the information I have for him. They had no children and Vern remarried after Jewel died.

Thomas Vaught born 10 Jan 1917

Thomas came to visit us when we were in Texas in 1994. He was suffering from cancer at that time and was receiving chemotherapy. His second wife Maxine Hanson came with him. His first wife was Dorothy Louise Massey; they were married about 1939.

He and Dorothy had 8 children: Betty Ann, Pat, Jerry, Kenneth Ray, Mike, Jimmy, Marshal, and Russell VaughtI have that Betty Ann married a James Caldwell. But I don’t know about the others.

Thomas married Maxine in 1979. Apparently they are no longer married. Shortly after we met him, he left where he was living and moved in with one of his daughters. I am not sure if he is still living as he was not in good health when we saw him.

Geraldine Vaught born 27 Oct 1919

Geraldine married a William A Jackson 30 January 1942. Unfortunately, Geraldine died 5 May 1994, about 2 months before I found out about her. She is buried in Grandview Cemetery in Hannibal, Missouri. Her husband William Jackson sent me some things about her and pictures of her. He was still alive in 1994. He stated that she had the list of these siblings and kept them and instructed him to give them to anyone that asked. She had three children: Gerald born 1 Feb. 1945 who married a Carol Noah; Patricia Ann, born 1952, married a Mr. Perkins and had two children; and Cynthia Lynn born 3 May 1956.

Alline Vaught born 27 Oct 1919

I have very little information on her. She apparently is still living. She has been married several times and has some children I think. I am not sure where she is at this time.


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