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Part 4: Chapter 26

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Hanks Family Line

by Kenny Ray Cox

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Our Hanks Family and their connection to Abraham Lincoln

Descent Chart 9: The Hanks Line and our Connection to Abraham Lincoln

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Thomas Hanks (or Hanckes) was among the first Hankses to emigrate from England to America, settling in the Norfolk Virginia area around the year 1653. Here is Devotaís direct line of descent from Thomas.

  1. Thomas Hanks (b. before 1630; d. 1674 perhaps) was born in Wiltshire County, England. He most likely died during Baconís Rebellion (8 April 1674), near Farnham, Virginia. He and his wife Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) had at least three sons, William, George and Robert. All three sons settled in Richmond County, Virginia.
  2. Robert Hanks (b. 1661; d. 1691) married Margaret (née ?), mother of Peter.
  3. Peter Hanks (b. 1682; d. 1733) married Mary Beez on 20 Aug 1702 in Ann Arundel County, Virginia. Their children were: Lydia (b. 1704), William (b. 1707), Elinor (b. 1709) and Peter (b. 1711).
  4. William Hanks (b. 25 July 1707; d. 1770) first married Ruth Shipley, the mother of Peter and William. His second marriage was to Ruth Ryan. Their children were: Rachel, Jonathan, Margaret, and Joseph. Both William Hanks Sr. and Jr. were Methodist ministers.
  5. The younger William Hanks (b. 27 April 1737 in Ann Arundel County, Md.; d. 15 July 1814 in Bedford County, Pa.) married Sarah Benson (b. 1734; d. 1804); she was the mother of John (b. 1760), Rachel (b. 1761), Fleetwood (b. 1764), Nancy (b. 1769), Leah (b. 1771), Mary (b. ?), Sarah (b. 1781), and Benjamin (b. 1779). His second wife was Jemimah Fisher.
  6. John Hanks (b. 1760; d. 1805) became a Quaker. He married Abigail Jackson in Lovettesville, Loudoun County, Virginia. After John died, she married Jacob Houser on 21 Aug 1806. She was born 1760; died. 18 Jan 1847 in Adamsville Ohio. The children of John and Abigail were: Jeramiah (married Catherine Shively), Stiles, Cephas, Isaah, Leah, and Elizabeth.
  7. Stiles Hanks (b. 1797; d. 23 Sep 1863) married Nancy Ann Newhouse 18 Sep 1817 on the Maryland side of the Potomac River. She was from Lovettesville,Virginia (b. 1 Nov 1793; d. 5 Oct 1878 Adamsville, Ohio). Stiles was also born in eastern Virginia. He died and was buried in Dresden, Ohio. Their children were: Cephas G. (b. 1820), John C. (b. 1822), Stiles Jr. (b. 1824), Stephen (b. 1826), William (b. 1828), Isaac (b. 1830), Emily Jane (b. 1833), Mary (b. 1835), and Andrew Newhouse (b. 1838).
  8. Stiles Hanks, Jr. (b. 1824; d. 1878) married on 14 Jun 1849 to Lydia Ann Snoots (b. 24 July 1826; d. 6 Dec. 1868). He was a school teacher. Their children were: Henry (b. 1853), Amy (b. 1854), Ella (b. 1859), Jane (b. 1862), Homer (b. 1863), Adisson (b. 1865), William (b. 1866), and Riley (b. 1868 in Dresden, Adams Township, Muskingham County, Ohio).
    For more Snoots genealogical data,
    visit the website of Jennifer Snoots Pidgeon.
    Click on this link for that site's home page,
    or here for data on Lydia Snoots Hanks.

    On 23 Feb. 1871, Stiles remarried to Sarah Best Bowden. They had two children: Lydia Ann and Charles Mahlon.
  9. Riley Clay Hanks (b. 1868, d. 1944) married on 17 February 1901 to Mary "Anna" Goodbody (b. 1882, d. 1961). They had five children: Floyd Arthur (b. 1902; d. 1902), Riley "Clay" (b. 1904, d. 1958), Earnest "Ray" (b. 1909, d. 1928), Anna "Devota" (b. 1913, d. 1990), and "Joseph" Buel (b. 1919, d. 1979). Ray was killed when a train hit his milk truck. His brother Clay was injured but recovered. Devota and her brothers were the ninth generation American-born Hanks.


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