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Part 5: Appendix 3

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Kimball Family History
for Anita's children

by David W. Cox


The Alamo!

The Alamo

You kids are related to Lieutenant George Chester Kimbell who was born two centuries ago, in 1803, (that name was also spelled "Kimble," "Kimball," and even "Kembolde" if you go back far enough in English history; see History of the Kimball Family in America from 1634 to 1897 and of its Ancestors the Kemballs or Kemboldes of England, by Morrison and Sharples, Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY, 1981).

In the year 1836, this brave young man was living in Gonzales, Texas. He was one of the thirty-two men from the town who headed out to aid William Travis at the Alamo.

On March 1, 1836, they broke through the Mexican lines surrounding the mission. Five days later, he and everyone else in the fort were dead. George left behind a two-year son and a young wife who was pregnant with twin girls.

His wife's maiden name was Prudence Hardin. One of Prudence and George's descendants, Faye Imken, said in a newspaper interview, "My great-grandmother, Prudence, was washing clothes on Nashes Creek when he told her goodbye. It must have been terrible for them." [Community Life Northwest, Caller-Times Publishing Co., Corpus Christi, Texas, June 12, 1986.]

And terrible it was. Not only did she lose her husband, she then had to leave her home because of the war and couldn't return for an entire year. When she did, "she found that Santa Anna's army had taken all her livestock, but that one old hen had escaped with only a broken leg from a soldier's bullet. During the time the family had been gone, this hen had several chicks. Prudence saw this as her new start, settled her family in and went to work."

That's the pioneer spirit! Prudence had already been widowed once before. Her first husband was Ira Nash. He was killed by Indians. Her third marriage ended with divorce in 1845. Divorces were rarely permitted back then, so it must have been a very rough marriage!

In 1849 she married Clairborne West, one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. That marriage lasted till Prudence's death in 1862. Kimble County, Texas was named for old George. The spelling may be different, but it's him alright!

His son, Charles Chester Kimble became a Texas Ranger at age 16, then practiced medicine in that county. That middle name "Chester" came from George's father. Chester was born in 1764 and died in 1839. He was a sea captain for while, until his wife, Lucy Satterlee, begged him to give it up. So they settled in Beech Woods, Pennsylvania for a more peaceful life. (Let's hope it was, at least!) Good going Lucy!

So you see, kids, it's not George you should hope to take after (he got himself killed young while trespassing on what was then Mexican property)! It's Prudence and Lucy you want to take after! Prudence survived all kinds of hardships, and Lucy knew how to get what she wanted in life. And believe me, she was right, because life is too short not to live it up to the fullest - in peace, harmony and love! May you have all three!



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